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  1. Hi,
    I've just bought a new step for the sliding door, a higher one to take into account the raised new ply floor level.
    The step has a light built in to it. I'd like the light to come on when the door opens and I remember someone saying that the pressure switch live feed is in the B pilar.
    Anyone by chance have a photo of what I'm looking for or know from their extensive knowledge what colour the cable is?
  2. Ads_Essex

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    I’m not sure what van you have, but assuming its a panel van, underneath the passenger seat are a load of connectors, and you can take a feed from there:
    you could take a feed from your roof lighting (either from where it runs from the front of the van to the back, crossing above the B-pillar, to feed your middle and rearmost ceiling lights):
    from the cab ceiling light (by running a cable up to it):
    or from the connector block behind the glovebox:
    Regarding the plugs under the seat, I’m not sure what colour it’ll be, but am sure @rod_vw knows.

    (Click on the up arrows on each message to see it in full).
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  3. Thanks guys, as helpful as ever.
    The van was a straightforward panel van but I assumed that, as the load bay lights came on when you opened the slide door that there must have been a switch with the necessary feed.
    I'll go and have an explore and see which is the best option.:thumbsup:
  4. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    In your position, I’d tap in to the roof lights, just as they pass over the slider, and run a cable down to your step.

    I’ve done it differently myself as I’ve bought a full footwell lighting kit from the forum shop - both front footwells, front steps, side step and rear footwells / seat backs - and Pauly made a loom up to suit.
  5. Thanks, I've sorted it. I took the switched live from above the slider as suggested. It works fine. Ads_Essex, your's sounds way more sophisticated.
  6. Deaky

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    -ve is switched. +ve is permanent
  7. Cheers, sorted it now. It is a nice improvement.

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