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Slidepods, What we do and who we are

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by slidepods, 24 Nov 2016.

  1. slidepods

    slidepods Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    I have been meaning to post up a thread on here for ages (just been struggling to learn to resize photo's to make it possible to post accompanying pics).
    Anyway I'm Jonny

    with the help of my wife Jane (the one on the right making lunch)

    and Brett, Mike and Tracey

    We are Slidepods.

    Since starting our business specialising in the design and production of removable, slide out, rear kitchens for the california beach and caravelle's we have grown our range substantially and now produce Slidepods specifically for......
    Kombi vans (including kombi conversions)
    Caravelles (including caravelle conversions)
    California beaches
    LWB Shuttles
    Vans with RIB beds (in fact we have x2 models compatible with the rib seat)
    and many other vans like mercedes, fords but lets not go into that!

    Today we have an entire workshop devoted to the production of our Slidepods where each and every pod undergoes a comprehensive quality control bench test before it has its unique serial number added to it which also denotes exactly who made it. Once they leave us they carry a 2 year warranty on all parts and workmanship. We pride ourselves on the product we have developed not just for the quality but also for it's functionality.

    What many people don't realise about us is that we offer a full and comprehensive conversion service in our second workshop. As you would expect our obsession for detail carries over into this side of our business as well. We only use the very best materials and components available to us. Where possible we work with other manufacturers to become official installers of their products, this enables us to register warranties direct with them and in some cases offer longer warranties on high value items.

    Below is an overview of just some of the services we offer........

    Window Fitting - We only offer Genuine VW or SGI (Spanish made) Glass and not the Chinese or Turkish units

    Soundproofing - At Slidepods we are an official SilentCoat trade partner and use a mixture of 2mm and 4mm silentcoat sheets to achieve a massive reduction of unwanted road noise.

    Lining and Insulation - Firstly we mask off to avoid glue over spray and line the metal work of your van (all the carpet we fit has passed EC118 burn tests). Next we apply Dodomat Thermo Vanliner to the exterior skin of the vehicle followed by Dupont Dacron in the lower cavitys.

    We then Install our carped lining panels which have an embossed detail, these are all made from 4mm (FSA) brich ply and include a 1 peice headlining with our own design of replacement courtesy lights.

    Poptops - We fit SCA poptops and where possible we recommend the 194 deluxe. This is due to its unrivalled quality and the fact it has an aluminium framed, slatted bed (rather than a ply board) and a good quality mattress. We feel that a comfortable nights sleep is key in a van and setting up the bed in a roof shouldn't be a hassle.

    Night Heaters - We are an official Webasto fitting agent and can therefore offer the full 3 year warranty on every heater we fit

    In car tech - Again we are an official Pioneer fitting partner and can therefore offer the extended 3 year warranty on certain products.

    Rock and roll beds - RIB (it just has to be) we buy our Rib Beds direct from the manufacturer in France and only fit them with a pull tested vehicle installation system.

    Leather upholstry - We can offer a full seat retrimming service in pretty much whatever takes your fancy.

    Conversions - We have several designs of in house conversions these are all our own unique designs and are cut on a state of the art CNC machine and built in house in whatever colour takes your fancy.

    Caravelle and Kombi Conversions - Yep we do these to and will issue you with a fitting certificate for your insurance company and photos to show all the correct genuine VW under-chassis reinforcement brackets have been installed exactly where they should be.


    Hope you like what you see. If you want any prices for our products or services just email Tracey on info@slidepods.co.uk
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  2. slidepods

    slidepods Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    Just a quick heads up to everyone considering having work carried out on their vans in the not to distant future.........
    Up until the 23rd of December we are still offering our 2016 price list for everything we do (booking deposits must be made by midday 23rd Dec to secure these prices) as of Dec 3rd all customers will receive quotes for both 2016 prices and 2017 prices. All deposits made after midday 23rd Dec will be subject to 2017 prices. (Our workshop will be closed from mid day 23rd dec to 3rd Jan)

    Not all prices are due to be increased but quite a few are. This is due to the fact that our prices have remained the same throughout 2016 even though we became a V.A.T registered business and the recent fluctuations in the exchange rate. It doesn't matter if your van isn't scheduled for works to begin until well into next year what matters is securing your booking.

    At Slidepods we dont offer "black friday" or january sale discounts as we believe in trying to keep our prices competitive throughout the year.
  3. slidepods

    slidepods Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    We are currently working on a speaker upgrade package with one of our suppliers for both the front and rear of the T5/6. This will be available as a supply only option or fitted in conjunction with one of our lining packages. It will include a loom adaptor, 4 channel amplifier, loom adaptor for the amp, a set of rear 165mm components (including CNC cut MDF mounting ring) and a ste of 200mm front components with CNC cut moisture resistant MDF mounting ring and all fixings for installation. We are currently fitting the first set on a van now so I will post up some pictures as work progresses.
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