Side Vinyl From Bumper To Wing Inline With The Indicator

Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by J88arv, 13 Feb 2020 at 19:25.

  1. J88arv

    J88arv Member VIP Member

    As above they same as the t6.1 anybody know where I can get a vinyl sticker from??
  2. Jamie2.0

    Jamie2.0 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    watching this on eBay for a similar solution

    They do various sizes and colours.
  3. J88arv

    J88arv Member VIP Member

    That’s a good shout

    I’m after a black so will take a look
  4. teamfly

    teamfly Senior Member T6 Guru

    Local car wrapping place should be able to do cheaply.

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  5. cgtmiles

    cgtmiles Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Check out the dubbed campers shop, there’s one for sale for £15 on there. Not quite as wide as the one in the photo though

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