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Introducing Father Jack. He is a 2014 BiTDI 4 motion Caravelle with 135k on the clock.

This is my rolling project, and first for a very long time. I used to restore MG’s, Jags and old Lancia’s bitd.

I have had ‘from new’ L200’s for the past 20 years, so this is a big change and loving it.

This year it’s going to mechanical stuff and then I will make it pretty, all with a limited budget.

Main use is going on mtb trips as a family. Last summer in my last L200 we did a big trip of 2500 miles to Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Lichtenstein. This year it will be just UK trips only.

So FJ is a one business owner from new. A smattering of service history, but it shouted dusty and dirty honest vehicle so I bought it. I think I got a good deal and it sure drives very nicely. Even when compared to my mates same spec 35k Transporter camper.

So far I have given it a dam good clean inside, used bike rack, and a service.

This week we went to Retro Resus to be checked out, oh being BiTDI I have done an oil analysis. Engine wise I have been told 50/50 whether it’s okay. Still on an A cooler but not too bad aluminium content, iron wasn’t great but the oil was horrendous condition. Retro Resus have diagnosed a completely blocked DPF so we are doing this in a couple weeks and then we should see if the engine starts guzzling oil. Maybe if it’s not too bad do a further oil analysis at 3k?


New DPF, then maybe a rebuilt engine if it’s really bad

New bushes in the front and sus top mountings

New discs and pads

I am changing bulbs and fixing silly items everywhere and have added wind deflectors on the windows.

I must admit it’s lovely to drive. It is still smelling odd inside so the carpets and headlining will need cleaning professionally- it was owned by a director of a Dutch flower importer. Interesting cigarettes maybe? :cool:


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