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Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by doogsboy, 11 Aug 2018.

  1. doogsboy

    doogsboy New Member

    Hi All...I have been thinking of a change of van for a few months now from a for transit which I have had transits all my working life to a transporter...anyway I picked the transporter up about 3 weeks ago and as ye do join the vw site for some tips an advice...the van I have got is a 17 plate T6 highline DSG 150 with the usual bits n bobs added..20ins alloys,coilovers,side bars, wanted the sportline but was told vw don't make a sportline in a panel van in white only the kombi...can anybody give me some advice on getting any extra leg room...iam not very tall but with it being an auto having your foot over the brake a lot of the time my foot is cramping up also feel a bit close to the steering wheel..i have had the seat in all positions using the adjusting leavers but still need that little bit there a bulkhead that can be fitted that will give me that extra bit I need?
    thanx for any help and suggestions on this topic
  2. wileyk80

    wileyk80 New Member VIP Member

    which foot are you holding over the brake peddle ???
    don't need to use your left foot at all on an auto
    right foot for braking and accelerating as on a manual
  3. doogsboy

    doogsboy New Member

    don't use my left foot at all wen driving...
  4. GARY Doe

    GARY Doe Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I’m sure I saw a review of the T6 on YouTube where the guy was short on leg room so he spaced the bulkhead off with a bit of 3x2 timber ? Cheaper than a new bulkhead.

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