Removing kombi seat brackets, help needed

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by mark aris, 20 Jan 2018.

  1. mark aris

    mark aris New Member VIP Member

    Don't fancy doing it myself, anyone in the Dorset (Poole) available to help?

    also is it possible for them to be re-instated at a later date? if nec.
  2. dbontherun

    dbontherun New Member

    Mark the fuel tank has to be dropped to remove the two brackets next to the sliding door.
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  3. mark aris

    mark aris New Member VIP Member

    Is that an easy job? was thinking about leaving them in and covering them up but with the limited headroom as it is, thinking removing them is the best option,
  4. dbontherun

    dbontherun New Member

    I took mine to a garage Mark didn't fancy messing about with the fuel tank
  5. DXX

    DXX Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Has anybody tried drilling the heads off the seat bracket bolts instead of dropping the fuel tank?
  6. DPS

    DPS Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    You could try giving Clough at Uberbus a call for advice. They are based in Poole (0330 0206 101).
    Also in Poole you've got Wessex Conversions (01202 979513)
  7. BAZT6

    BAZT6 Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Tank removal is not hard all I did was put the van on axle stands at the front and the back wheels blocked up on wood, total lift was about 6 inches. Plastic and alloy shields are clips and screws so easy to remove. Tank is held with metal loops that are fixed each side of the tank, have the fuel level as low as you can. I removed the neck of the filler behind the flap, just screws. Then I lowered the tank by undoing the nuts, laying on your back you can support the weight of the tank and drop the tank onto some blocks or a couple of jacks. There is a fair bit of slack on the fuel lines which are quick release to remove. If you think you might be putting the seat brackets back in at some point it might be worth putting the bolts back in place to seal the holes.
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  8. DXX

    DXX Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Much easier than I was expecting with the fuel tank almost empty (low reserve).
    On a T32 with standard 17” wheels and suspension I only needed to raise the rear wheels by 6” (breeze blocks), if you’re claustrophobic or a pie addict you might need to go higher.
    Tie a thin rope to the cold exhaust and lead it clear of the van on the near side, it should be positioned midway (front to back) under the tank so that an assistant can take the weight of the tank with the rope.
    Remove the screw and free up the filler neck to allow it to drop with the tank.
    Slacken all 4 bolts by approx 3 turns on the 2 tank securing straps.
    With the assistant taking the tanks load on the rope remove the 2 inner bolts on the 2 tank securing straps.
    Allow the straps to drop and rotate clear of the tank, there is no need to remove the straps completely as this will make refitting much harder later.
    The assistant can then gently lower the tank to the floor allowing access for removal of the seat brackets.
    Re-installation is the reverse of removal. Don’t forget to remove the rope!

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