Registration T32 CAL


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Got rid of our beast and bought a static
Beer in fridge on Friday night lol


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I bought that mark at the DVLA auction for my T32 California ..(2008 T5 T32 4 motion hence T32CAL) then got a whole load of flak on the California forum from a bunch of know alls including some main dealers adamant that a T32 California doesn't exist!!!! couldn't make it up
Glad you bought that reg mate, as you can see when I put up the post I was that close to getting it myself! I think you just made a load of Cali owners jealous to be fair!
Doesn’t exist!? Rubbish!
You enjoy


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Finding a relevant number plate is no easy task. I have been looking for months to no avail.

Any plate with T32 as the first three digits is impossible to find.

The hunt continues.