Rear D -pillar Moulding

Discussion in 'Exterior Styling, Bodywork & Detailing' started by Sabre, 15 Mar 2019 at 23:52.

  1. Sabre

    Sabre Senior Member T6 Guru

    Hi all,
    does anyone have a set of these D-pillar mouldings they don't want? I'm replacing my bumpers and they are not cheap.
  2. Fish

    Fish Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Post a pic of the actual ones you need mate.
  3. Sabre

    Sabre Senior Member T6 Guru

    Thanks @Fish, I decided to just go for it and put them into the painters with the new bumpers.
    These guys are going to do what they can but I'm going to need to replace them at some point so will look out for a set over the next year. Any front-end write-offs will be fair game at the scrap yards. :)
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  4. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Bang a hinge on one of them, whilst you’re at it, and plonk your hookup socket in there.
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