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  1. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    I got a bit excited whilst trolling eBay.
    I’m after car play for my T6 and saw the Rcd330+ so for the price decided I was having it without looking into it very much.
    Anyway it’s arrived and found the connections to be the same quadlock unit but the pin layout is different anybody know of a wiring adaptor to change as google searches are coming up with nothing.
    It’s all changed since I wired a radio all we’re just basic wiring with out all the can bus bits. I’m assuming as you can buy aftermarket radios that will fit the T5 & T6 it’s just a case of re positioning the wires to the correct places?

    There is three other connections as well which I’m assuming are the Fm Ariel/ DAB / usb? The fitting is the same on one but a different fastener so have found popping an insert out makes that fit ok.






  2. andys

    andys Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    I've got a horrible feeling that you've been caught out by VW's new security measures. For new VW stereos, they will only work in the vehicle they were put in. Hopefully someone will come along and say that doesn't apply to this one, but I'd be checking the eBay terms to see if you can return it.
  3. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    Hi Andy’s thanks for reply. The listing said it’s a brand new unlocked unit, but I haven’t got to the state of powering it up. The connections use the same type of plug but the orientation of the terminals is different. It seems impossible to get wiring diagrams now.
    My main problem at present is the differences in wiring from the T5 to T6 as the listing states it’s T5 compatible. If I can find the drawings a bit of wiring harness to adapt between the two will sort that.
    My next concern is then the canbus. That witch craft that’s going on there with new components etc and coding them in! but I do like a challenge lol
  4. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    Well my connectors finally arrived and have done my adaptions and now have the rcd330+ fitted and working! With all the steering controls etc all working nicely!


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  5. Andrew

    Andrew Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Nice work - looks like a good bit of kit..
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  6. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    It’s a bargain. For Apple play. You loose the cd slot and Dab but there’s a few apps for car play which give you dab back. As for cd slot no needs with a Spotify subscription! I’m planning on retro fitting front parking sensors and rear camera once I work out what I need to do!
  7. DaveyB

    DaveyB Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Adele??? Good god!!!
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  8. richi

    richi Geriatric surfer dude VIP Member T6 Guru



    I've heard better sounding angle grinders:rofl:
  9. DaveyB

    DaveyB Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I was being forced to listen to Adele, and that is why I took an angle grinder to my own head.:laugh:. And to be honest if I was forced to listen to her again i’d repeat the exercise on the other side of my swede, only trying to make sure my aim is better so I actually remove my ear.:whistle:
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  10. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    Ha ha was just the top of the list! HONEST!
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  11. bigwig74

    bigwig74 Member VIP Member

    Hi I’m looking do add the same radio to my T6, how did you get round the wiring problem if you don’t mind me asking
  12. xaros

    xaros New Member

    Hello well done. Can you tell me what kind of adapters you´ve bought for the radio and where ? Because i like to buy a RCD330 187E for my new T6 from 2018. My original is a Composition Audio.
  13. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    I bought them from eBay 382126696551 looks the same as the one I bought and also 372293994192 I then spliced these together to move the canbus and power. Most connections just needed the two iso plugs connecting together.
  14. Teesix

    Teesix Member T6 Pro

    What's that little button thing to the right of the gear stick?
  15. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    I fitted a heated seat to the driver seat that’s where I put the control for it
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  16. Teesix

    Teesix Member T6 Pro

    Thank you.
  17. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    You loose the dash mounted usb but gain a radio front usb. The radio Ariel is different as well but with a little trimming on the lug on the stereo it fits or buy an adaptor. I’m currently trying to add the reverse camera to it just waiting for China to send the parts!
  18. xaros

    xaros New Member

    What about this adapter ? It seems, that this will solve the problem between different quadlock from T5 to t6 ? Thx for information.

  19. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    Looks good from the front as long as can bus wires switch locations as well.
  20. Jimbobadini

    Jimbobadini Member VIP Member

    Here’s some pics to help





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