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Discussion in 'Camping & Campsites' started by RyanVWT6, 16 Sep 2018.

  1. RyanVWT6

    RyanVWT6 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Picked up our van finally from the dealer on sat and we are keen to get away asap. My wife is a teacher so looks like October will be the first chance we get. I have 2 young boys also 3 and 1. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Uk ? France?

    Im open to ideas. I understand its cold lol but we are excited to get out at least once before the frost.
  2. Spaghettiboy78

    Spaghettiboy78 Mr Spaghetti VIP Member T6 Guru

    From my experience, I would stay in the UK for the first few getaways, as you’ll learn what to take, what to leave and what works, and what doesn’t.

    We did a few weekends away before we settled on what we needed for the van. It also made me realise that we needed a DC to DC battery charger rather than the relay the converter fitted. We’ve now whittled what we need down to the bare minimum, and only have to grab some clothes and some food, and set off. Makes it much easier.

    We recently did a 1500 mile tour of Scotland, and it was brilliant.

    Good luck, and enjoy.

    Ps. Just noted you’re just down the road.
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  3. Fish

    Fish Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Forum octoberfest meet up would be best suggestion.. no pressure then..
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  4. Tourershine

    Tourershine Senior Citizen VIP Member T6 Legend

    I'm going to the South of France in October. It's still late 20's at the moment where we are going.
    :mexican wave:
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  5. WolverineMac

    WolverineMac Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    We were looking at this, but its not during half term. Half term for us down south starts the 20th
  6. RyanVWT6

    RyanVWT6 Member

    Just looking for something either UK simple, good facilties and lots to do for children in the local area if its a total rainy wash out. Just wanted to know if someone had been somewhere similar they think might work.:geek:
  7. RyanVWT6

    RyanVWT6 Member

    South of France would be awesome if we can find a campsite still open and the weather is at least dry ? Any suggestions?

    In at the deep end much? (Get it pitched haha):rofl:
  8. Phil_G

    Phil_G Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Its a treck for you but Clumber Park is great for kids with bikes, they can explore for hours and the site is lovely. Every facility plus a huge kids play park set on bark so its safe as houses. If you dont have bikes you can hire them, and also hire a kiddy trailer for the toddler. Its a Caravan Club site so as members of the opposition we have to pay a surcharge but the area is endlessly beautiful with miles of woodland cycle tracks, and if you're inclined there are crafts, a gift shop, cafe/restaurant, feed the ducks... plus you're near the Sherwood Forest visitor centre, where the kids can be Robin Hood for a day. Ideal for your first venture out. Personally I wouldnt suggest going abroad until you've gained some familiarity with the van - although, pan/kettle we did Germany in a camper we picked up that morning....
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  9. Dannyb6467

    Dannyb6467 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    It's a weekend jobby though.
  10. Zoe

    Zoe Member

    We’re in exactly the same situation as you. We have decided to go to forum octoberfest for the weekend as out trail run and then we’re going to a Blackpool haven site in the kids October holidays for a week as there’s loads to keep the kids busy and the lights are on and the resort is still open unlike a lot of other resorts. Lots of indoor activities and places to visit.
  11. Gavandi

    Gavandi Senior Member T6 Guru

    :smile bounce:
    As suggested, UK best to start. Lots of little things to remember/take if going to Europe. Although Brittany is easy and lots of coastline.
    Sandringham in Norfolk is good and lots of things to do.
    Climber Park, as suggested is great.


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