Map Software Update - How We Did It -

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    Map software update - How We Did it -

    This is a joint effort and this post has info from a few threads pulled into one source for future reference, including direct links to maps.


    credits: @mmi @Dellmassive @Pauly @Nigel W @Skyliner33 @BeePee @Hinsley, @Repete

    PDF guide here : Media PQ Gen.2 April_2018_ EN.pdf

    latest Maps version link : Volkswagen Map & Softwareupdates

    Current update version is 11/7/19 (EU1_1410_v12)

    VW provide a link for the unzip software here if you PC wont open it already : 7-Zip

    DAB/Radio icons :

    UK Speed Camera Warnings - All Cameras, No Mobile Cameras

    link to original thread:Map Update


    Were going to use the main satnav for this example,

    • Discover Media navigation system

    The Discover Media radio navigation system is also marketed under the name Discover Media Plus in conjunction with certain equipment packages. One-shot destination entry The navigation system can be operated by voice input. The destination is entered in a coherent spoken phrase instead of sequential requests for the address components.

    There are a few ways of updating the Map software, the unit itself can update via a wifi dongle or mobile hotspot. the other two methods involve removing the SDcard from the van and updating indoors (manual download and copy over to SDcard or the PC software "Volkswagen Discovercare").


    Methods for updating Navigation software.

    Discover Navigation and Discover Navigation Pro touch-screen navigation/radio systems include free lifetime navigation software updates. The latest map updates for your navigation system will get you new roads, itineraries and the latest POIs in Europe.

    There are a couple of ways you can update your navigation system.

    1. Download the full set of data in one go, or choose to download segments from the Volkswagen International Infotainment website. Please note some of the content on this website may not be UK specific, please contact your local Volkswagen Retailer for further information. Full instructions on how to perform the update are also available on the website.

    The latest available map packs are available for the following devices;

    • Discover Pro
    • Discover Media
    Updated Map packs are usually made available during the periods May/June and November/December each year.


    Lets look at the second option for now.... Manual download.

    you can just download on PC/MAC and update your existing Nav card with a PC/Mac and SDcard reader.

    Follow the VW guides.... How to use and update your Sat Nav system | Volkswagen UK

    latest version link : Volkswagen Map & Softwareupdates


    Current update version is 10/1/18 (as of 03/01/2019)

    Here is the version information of new 13.3 Gbyte package European Countries – Bundle 1 (on top left on VW site) - first three lines. On the headunit NAV->Settings->Version Information

    Possibly checking the date of main directory on your SD card using a computer) will tell the same:
    Maps-directory of old package has date of 19-Jan-2018.
    The new maps-directory has date 10-July-2018 (although on the website the package has date stamp of 1-Oct-2018).

    Once downloaded the 13Gb zip file you need to unzip it. . . . .

    VW provide a link for the unzip software here if you PC wont open it already : 7-Zip

    Just to confirm, suffit expander will not unzip this file. However I downloaded "The Unarchiver" and this has successfully unzipped the file.
    Im now in the process of backing up the maps folder from the VW card and will then copy the extracted new maps folder. Hopefully this should work now.
    @Dellmassive great instructional thread, Im sure that will help loads of people. Maybe you could add for mac users to extract with The @Skyliner33

    And a PDF guide here : Media PQ Gen.2 April_2018_ EN.pdf

    Once unzipped on computer, its then copied to SD card. Just a note - copied maps-directory (+subdirectories) into the root of SD card. Have a look on your current SD card how the file structure is - the maps-directory in the root of the SD card.

    Directly unzipping to SD card might create an extra top level directory (as below DiscoverMedia2_EU_AS_1115_V10) - at least that's what 7-zip program does by default.

    remember that its just the "maps" folder and its contents that need coping over. it will take 30min to a couple of hours depending on you PC setup.

    Just downloaded the Bundle 1 update, 13Gig file to the desktop PC (win10), (all seemed to work ok)

    then unzipped it with winrar, which gave me the unzipped Map folder.

    next i took the VW SD map card out and plugged it into my USB3 SDCard reader . . . . (make sure the LOCK switch is not enabled)

    Some SDcard reader dont like USB3 or Hubs, so if your having trouble, plug i direct into a usb2 port, or try a different port)


    next running freefilesync i compared both the existing SD card and the new download.


    it shows that most files were updated, so i started the copy and replaced the existing map folder with the new map folder.


    it took 25mins to copy over . . . .

    these screens show the versions.


    Lets look at the alternate second option now.... Volkswagen Discovercare

    latest Discovercare link :

    ive had mixed results with this method, lately weve been getting a lot of checksum errors.

    first download and install the software package.

    then, same as above, take you map SDcard out the van, plug it into you pc then run the software.

    vw sd3.JPG

    choose your version and procced . . .

    vw sd4.JPG

    the software will check you have the correct OEM card and verify it . . . .

    vw sd5.JPG

    you are then given an option to backup your existing card before downloading and then installing the latest version back onto the card.

    vw sd6.JPG

    The whole procedure can take over three hours, so the manual method seems to be best atm.
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    The station logos help you to easily find the station you want to listen to.

    DAB/Radio station logos are manually copied over to a spare SDcard you have (not the maps sdcard):

    Radio Station logos for your infotainment system.
    It is even easier to find your favourite station with the right logo. A wealth of original broadcaster logos, which you can install on your radio or navigation system (composition media, Discovermedia, Discover Pro), can be downloaded here as a ZIP file.
    The link below offers you the channel logos for Great Britain in ZIP format. The logos are only provided for use in Volkswagen Radio systems (composition media, Discovermedia, Discover Pro). No other use is permitted.

    Download Great Britain radio station

    How to install the logos on your system:
    1. Simply save the file to a directory of your choice with a click on the link below.
    2. Unzip the zip file and search for the relevant logos.
    3. Copy this to an SD card.
    4. Then, connect the storage medium to your infotainment system.
    5. Now you can import the desired logos into your device.
    6. To do this, tap the Setup button and then tap Sender logos.
    7. Now tap the desired station button to which a logo is to be assigned.
    8. Select the source on which you saved the image (e.g., SD1) and select the logo.
    9. Repeat this process for other logos, and return to the main radio menu by pressing the radio button.
    10. The SD card can then be removed.

    EDIT: credit: @Hinsley
    Thought I'd try to fill some of the missing radio logos in DAB and FM.
    Downloaded the latest set from T6Forum and VW and merged the two but still had gaps. Googled it hoping to find something with all of them but nothing seemed to have a full up to date logos.
    I did find this site that lets you search and download VW friendly logos!

    Find your favourite stations
    To find a logo for your favourite radio station...

    • Search for the station (using the search at the top-right of this page).
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
    • You'll find a link marked "Get a logo for your VW car radio"
    This page will give you a correctly-sized logo, named in a sensible way to help you. You'll also find full details of how to get that logo onto your car radio.

    Radio stations in the UK




    Volkswagen Media Control makes it possible to arrange the desired entertainment from any seat in the vehicle. The free app connects with the vehicle’s infotainment system via Wi-Fi. This allows you to use a mobile device to conveniently select a music program or transmit navigation destinations – even from the back seat.

    Download now:

    Apple App Store

    Google Play Store


    Car-Net Download Center.

    Make your smartphone fit for Car-Net. Here you will find an overview of all Car-Net apps especially from Volkswagen. Follow the appropriate link to download an app for your smartphone operating system.

    More practical apps can be found for example in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store for download. Download an app for your operating system there and connect the functions and services of Car-Net App-Connect via MirrorLink®, Apple CarPlay ™ or Android Auto ™ conveniently with your smartphone.

    Car-net apps.


    Car-Net App for iOS.
    The free Car-Net App for iPhone and Apple Watch connects your mobile device with your Volkswagen. Access Car-Net services and vehicle settings anytime, anywhere - assuming Internet connection.

    Available on the App Store


    Car-Net App for Android.
    The free Car-Net app for Android smartphones and Android smartwatches gives you quick access to Car-Net services and vehicle settings. At any time and no matter where you are. You only need an internet connection.

    Now on Google Play

    Compatibility overview for smartphones

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    credit: @Dilbert

    How To: Using Discover Media Navigation System In Non-eu Countries; E.g. Morocco


    I was looking at how I could use the Discover Media navigation system as backup for my preferred Google maps navigation (via App Connect) for an upcoming trip to Morocco later in the year. Morocco is included in the 'Non-European Countries – Bundle 3' available from the VW maps update website. However, when this is added to a genuine VW maps SD card it shows as invalid data. Further investigation was required! o_O

    It appears the European version of the Discover Media navigation system only works with EU maps. After much experimenting with various file edits, I found a simple solution which is documented below for the benefit of others taking their T6 out of the European region! :cool:

    The key is that all European maps are in the maps folder named '00' on the SD Card. By renaming the maps folder for other regions to '00', you can trick the headunit into displaying the maps for other non-European regions. You will need a second VW Navigation SD card and swap it over when you leave Europe. :thumbsup:

    How to do it

    1. Download the maps update to include the Region required. (E.G. "Non-European Countries – Bundle 3" is currently file version 'DiscoverMedia2_MRM3_1115_V10') from the VW website: Volkswagen Map & Softwareupdates

    2. Update a spare VW SD card with the new data. You can use the guide from this forum here: Map Software Update - How We Did It -

    Note: VW SD Cards have a special Card ID code [CID] and normal SD cards can not be used for navigation data. You can obtain a second VW SD card from eBay cheaply. Does not matter which update version it is as you will be updating it anyway. Just make sure it is correct for your head unit.

    3. After updating the SD card, use a file explorer to open the 'maps' folder on the SD card. Depending on which maps bundle you have, you will see several numbered folders.


    4. Rename the relevant Region number folder found inside the 'maps' folder on the SD card to '00'. For example; to use the Region MRM3 SD Card for navigating in Morocco, etc., rename folder '27' to '00'.


    5. To test, insert the updated SD card into your head unit, then check roads and place names are visible by zooming out and navigating displayed map to chosen Country. Zoom in to check detail.

    Please note this SD card will only work in the Region you have chosen. Use your normal SD card in Europe and swap it over when you enter the new territory.

    Hope this helps some others.

  4. Martinf

    Martinf Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    This seems to mean that as I have a wifi connection with my home system, the mapping can be updated within the van without removing the card. If so, I can't find the methodology for initiating it.
  5. mmi

    mmi Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Not sure about this. Document "Volkswagen Car-Net Guide & Inform" (Nov-2018 edition) states that only Discover Pro unit can update itself via wifi. Unfortunately the unit in T6 is a different one - Discover Media.

    On page 42 in German version --->

    For some reason the above mentioned guide is pretty well hidden on UK site.
    --> Guide & Inform | Car Net | Volkswagen UK
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  6. Martinf

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    Thanks @mmi that does explain why don't seem able to update the mapping with the card insitu. So, it will have to be out with the card!
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  7. mmi

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    New map update available for T6/Discover Media.
    Date: June-17-2019.

    13.0 GB.

    - - - - -
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  8. Skyliner33

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    Did you do it manually or is the Discovercare working now?
  9. Nigel W

    Nigel W Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I am currently touring France and before I left home I paid to have CarPlay enabled. So far I have used Apple maps - not impressed as many poi’s are missing or misplaced. Google maps - fine no problems and Waze - fine and picks up all the delays/roadworks/closures and sneaky police checks, however........ after the initial playing I have found that the inbuilt VW satnav is just as good as the others if anything the display clearer and it shows in my MFD display on the dash.
    One handy feature I found, by accident, is that if I set Waze running and then leave that as is and then turn on the VW satnav and use that one then waze seems still to run in the background and all the warning still pop up on the screen, so for me the best of both worlds.
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  10. LT2019

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    Tom Tom on iPhone is now CarPlay enabled FYI
  11. mmi

    mmi Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

    Manually :whistle:
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  12. Nigel W

    Nigel W Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Mine would not update when I tried it a month or so ago using Discovercare but I ran it again last week before I left and it ran and loaded perfectly (it was the previous version).
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  13. harrydot

    harrydot New Member

    Thank you for this information and inspiration!! Managed to download NZ maps and copy to my former UK/Europe SD card, I guess the real inspiration came when I had a reply from VW that solution would be to buy a $265 sd card....
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  14. Ambrose

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    Thanks for the write up @Dellmassive , I used the DiscoverCare Mac version and managed to update the SD last night.
    The backup took about 15-20mins, but the 6Gb download over an hour, and god knows how long the installation took as I'd gone to bed by then.

    I took the card out, plugged it into the van, it took a bit of time to read but it worked, I'll need to check the version numbers when I get back tonight to be sure.
    But what's strange is that previously, it had about 13Gb of maps, now it's down to about 6gb only?
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  15. Nigel W

    Nigel W Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    If it’s only 6gb I suspect you have downloaded a different map set which covers fewer countries. Before you start the update process there is a drop down box in which you select which map sets you want. The whole of Europe is 13gb but there are smaller segments for specific countries as well and I would think you have one of those.
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  16. Ambrose

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    Aha, that explains it. I don't think I've got the option to switch now that it's fully updated. I'll wait for the next update to come along and make sure to select a different version then.
    Is it still the case that there's two updates per year?
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  17. Dellmassive

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  18. Skyliner33

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    I suppose I will update mine again. But every time I do it moves my home address to the same place about 10 miles from my home.
  19. mmi

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    Update package "DiscoverMedia2_EU_AS_1430_V12.7z", 13.5GB, dated as 07-Nov-2019:
    Last edited: 2 Dec 2019 at 20:20
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  20. Nigel W

    Nigel W Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    The new maps do not yet show in Discovercare, strange.....will hang on a few weeks and look again as I don’t really want to do it the ‘manual way’ as unzipping on my MacBook seems to throw up errors.
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