Insulation Sandwich Question

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by Jean-Louis Bourdon, 8 Dec 2018.

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    I visited a reputable company that i think will work on my van for insulation/carpeting/windows/etc.
    Very pleased with what I was shown, and the answers provided to me, but still nervous on 1 point:
    so before i sign with them, I'd like to check with you guys:

    They are on this forum, and they posted it, so no trade secret revealed:
    - "We only use the best products from Dynamat for sound deadening, closed cell foam and Dacron."

    So, what do you guys think:
    - does the Dacron/sandwich need to be enclosed behind a vapour barrier?
    - will this combination provide me with a similar heat insulation as let's say Celotex ?
    (the van will have a diesel heater if it helps answering)


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