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1C6FEF3B-9F1C-4A12-A072-E66E4482BDC7.jpeg CC2ACD95-A1B2-4101-8E63-61E1AC90092F.jpeg C729B947-8B08-4B11-B53E-7F868E24BC89.jpeg Hi - picked up my T6 campervan conversion from Danbury in June. Had loads of ideas about visiting lots of converters then found this one close to us unsold, part converted 9F296BCF-970B-4C68-A994-7EDAAB979B3F.jpeg at a stage when we could still get some personal tweaks in and get off for the summer. All’s good - been to the Gower, the Lleyn and the IoW so far and loving it. Spending far too much money doing all the usual upgrades that I’ve picked up from this very useful forum ££££


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Welcome @Drhoge nice looking van, that colour combination looks great
By the way the spending never seems to stop:)