Heating Seat Failure And Repair

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  1. Robert

    Robert Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    My drivers seat heating has stopped working. After quick check with resistance meter I have discovered very high resistance (few kΩ) in the drivers cushion element, backrest element was still okay (few Ω)
    Next thing was to carry out some research and establish faulty component part number.
    It wasn't easy as I was getting different part numbers from different sources so I decided to strip the seat base. My seats are Alcantara and the cushion is designed so the heating element is sewed together with the upholstery. And now the best part, the cheapest upholstery with integrated heating element would cost me €520=£440 or repair kit (heating element for cushion and backrest) €220=£186!
    This was still way to expensive in my opinion so I kept on digging and eventually I found brand new cushion only heating element for €48=£40. The only problem was that it was for fabric seat and not leather type one.
    After comparing the wiring diagrams for fabric and leather seats I came up with the conclusion that they are the same in the sense that both heating elements (cushion and backrest) are connected in series but the interlinking plug/socket are different.
    So after spending €48=£40 and crimping my old plug on my new cushion heating element I now have fully working heating seat back again:thumbsup:
    Photos to follow in the next post;)
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  2. Dellmassive

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    Well done, great work there.. =)
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  3. Robert

    Robert Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Seat base stripping.







    And the damage itself.


    My cushion upholstery part number.

    And actual heating element part number. Not possible to buy on it's own!

    And my temporary seating during repair.:D


    To be continued ...
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  4. Dellmassive

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    Sweet.... =)

    Any idea what caused the element to burn out??

    Cracked trace causing high resistance and heat?
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  5. Robert

    Robert Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    My faulty element dimensions.
    20200120_012540.jpg 20200120_012519.jpg

    And dimensions of new fabric upholstery heating element.

    The difference in length is down to different way of attaching the heating element to the cushion, but effectively after installation the heating area remains the same:)

    I had to cut out faulty heating element cause it was restricting heating power of the cushion.

    Original connectors on my new heating element (7E5963555) before interlinking plug(white one) was swapped with my old one:thumbsup:

    My old plug that allows to link in series cushion heating element with backrest one transferred to my new heating element.

    And job done, customer very happy:):laugh:
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  6. Robert

    Robert Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    You are bang on correct!

    I am pretty sure if this was under warranty, VW would accuse me of spilling some liquid on the cushion and effectvely causing the damage but as you can imagine this was not the case.
    I am probably repeating myself but I am convinced that this failure is a result of components quality being purposely designed to last for specified length of time and to fail eventually.
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