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  1. Thegee6

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    In my old T5.1 I used to keep the heater temp at the mid point, which was 22 degrees. I’ve done 250 miles in my new T6 and I’ve noticed the van gets red hot when I set it at that temperature. I have to turn it virtually down to get it to cool down. It seems worse(hotter)when the heater is set to windscreen yet on face vents it cooler. Now I’m not sure if it has a fault and it needs to go back to the dealers. As like I say the temperature control was a lot more controllable in my old van
  2. johnmacster

    johnmacster Member T6 Pro

    I’ve gone from a T5.1 to a T6 and the heater in mine is the same, either cold or red hot. Lots on the forum say similar.
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  3. ChrisR

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    The T6 will only blow at full heat when set to blow on the windscreen only, it’s because it assumes that if you have air on the screen only you’re trying to demist it. If you set at 22 and change the vents to feet/windscreen you’ll find it much better.
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