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  1. Davenjo

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    When I first got my van I had an issue with the fuel gauge sticking on full - at the time I had been driving on some very steep roads in the Lake District and figured that it was down to the tank float (or whatever is in there) somehow getting stuck at the top of the tank when the van was at an unusually steep angle. The problem went away on the next refill of the tank and had not been seen since. However, having come back from a trip to the Peak District yesterday and some reasonably steep roads, the problem is back, i.e. circa 140 miles driven and use of Eberspacher but the indicator is telling me the tank is still full (yet to see if refilling the tank fixes this time).

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Can the float stick in the way I describe? Could the fuel take off for my Eberspacher be behind the problem?
  2. BrianK

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    Hi @Davenjo

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

    I seem to have the same problem at the moment on my 2015 T5. The fuel gauge is sitting right as the top and the range says in excess of 600 miles still even though I have driven at least 170 miles since fuelling last. Although I won't complain if this is really my new fuel economy :whistle:
  3. Davenjo

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    No, it stopped doing it so I forgot about it. However, the van had its first MOT last October with a full tank of fuel - shortly after I realised that the fuel needle was still showing full after driving circa 150 miles. I rang the dealership a couple of days before the warranty expired to log it as a warranty issue but the dealership said they would need it back in the workshop to do that and, as we were off on holidays the next day, I decided not to bother.

    On the small number of occasions it happened to me was when the tank was full and I'd been driving in hills - I can only assume that when the dealership had it on the ramps to do the service and MOT it gave a similar set of circumstances.

    Each time, I refilled the tank when I knew it should be half empty and this fixed the issue - presumably brimming the tank releases the float (or whatever is in the tank to record fuel level).
  4. BrianK

    BrianK Member T6 Pro

    I much appreciate the detailed answer @Davenjo , I can't believe I forgot to mention it but I also have a diesel heater but the Russian Planar type which works exactly the same.

    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had this fuel gauge issue but doesn't have a diesel heater, in case it's actually nothing to do with it.

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