Engine Light Of Doom...

Discussion in 'Vehicle Faults Warranty Repairs Issues & Problems' started by Stay Frosty, 14 Jul 2019.

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    Theres something else going on here..... 2k miles is to soon for a reoccurring fault.

    id assume that they didnt clean the EGR valve fully/properly, (last time) which is why the issues has come back so soon.

    incidentally the VW manual states that the EGR "pipe" should be "replaced" if its removed. . . . . which is why you see so many new shiny pipes.

    lets hope they do a better job cleaning it this time round.
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  2. BIgben

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    I think they must have done a shoddy job last time, or just is beyond being able to be rectified by cleaning and now helping the engine limp through until it's out of warranty..
  3. BIgben

    BIgben Member T6 Pro

    As an update..
    The dealers spent another day flushing the system. All done sir.. Until they took it for a test drive and the light came back on. After a bit of too and fro VW directed them to replace the EGR valve and front pipe.
    I've got the van back now and its done a few miles without fault so all good so far...
    I'll update if there is any change.

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