Dream van


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Hi everyone,

So as a Bay window owner I have often envied this T6s doing 70mph in air conditioned luxury. Having decided to look into the transporter market I can honestly say I have looked at almost every used van on the internet in the last 6 months.

two days ago I saw a very non descriptive advert from a non VW dealer giving vague description of a “Purple” 4 yr old van with low mileage at approx £4K less than market value.

I sent an email asking some questions and within 24hrs and a 420 mile round trip I will soon be collecting my blackberry T6 highline with only 65k. This really is a dream van that I couldn’t dream of getting.

The sales manager at the garage said, “I think I underpriced that van. I've had 14 calls in the last 24 hrs.“

Once I confirmed my deposit had gone through I told him he had. And now the real expense begins 26255456-C36C-4D95-8BEA-DCC0BC04D752.jpeg