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Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by Goldy, 22 Mar 2020.

  1. Goldy

    Goldy New Member VIP Member

    hi all
    I have T6 euro 6 van, is it possible to locate a planar diesel heater underneath the van on the passenger side, I'm hoping to fit underslung water tanks on the drivers side were the heater is usually located.
  2. JasonW

    JasonW Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I've just had something similar done on my conversion.

    70l underslung water tank sits on the drivers side about half way down the vehicle. Eberspacher diesel heater is also underslung, approximately under the drivers seat with hot air inlet coming up through the pillar behind the drivers seat. Same inlet location as Vw caravelle.
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  3. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Local lowlife VIP Member T6 Legend

    I’m fairly sure VW mount one of the OEM pre-heaters under the passenger seat, so there should be room there. It’ll make sense to have it there if you’re going for a camper conversion, too. The AdBlue tank might make things awkward, but as I’m Euro5, I can’t say how much it is / will / won’t be in the way of a heater outlet.
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  4. Goldy

    Goldy New Member VIP Member

    Good call
    Now the weather is starting to improve think I'll have to get underneath and take the panel off and have a look.
  5. rod_vw

    rod_vw Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    On a Euro 6 van with Adblue tank I don't think that there is any space for a heater under the left side although on my last two conversions (a T5 and a Euro 5 T6) I have managed to fit one on a custom angled mounting under there. It then is easy to get the outlet in the back of the left front seat base leaving space for one leisure battery and a B to B unit under the driver's seat. I studied the space whilst fitting the last of these and the area taken up by where the Adblue tank would be and decided there would be no space on a Euro 6 vehicle.
    So in the future it looks like reverting to the normal OEM position and re-positioning other items to bring the outlet out in the base of the right front seat. If of course you don't plan to have kitchen units down the right side then the OEM outlets can be used.
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  6. Goldy

    Goldy New Member VIP Member

    Thanks Rod
    Looks I'll fit it in the normal position with the outlet under the passenger seat, did you have any issues drilling the hole through the floor on the passenger side ?Think I might sacrifice the spare wheel and replace it with an underslung gas tank and fit a water tank in space in front.
  7. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Local lowlife VIP Member T6 Legend

    Why not fit a fresh tank in the gap where the sliding door should be on the offside, the waste water tank underneath on the offside cill (underneath said ‘sliding door’ panel),
    and a gas tank just forward of the spare wheel well? You then get to keep your spare wheel where it should be.
  8. rod_vw

    rod_vw Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    @Goldy fitting under the right side (OEM position) and 'plumbing' the hot air to the left side is a thing that I did on one conversion BUT it was a lot of work. I had to remove and modify the heat shield above the exhaust and create a path for the hot air tube with insulation to retain the heat. At that length of tube and with the bends necessary it is approaching the limit of the permissible flow restriction of the heater, I ended up using a tube size larger than normal for a 2.2kW heater.
    As for drilling the floor (tank cutter job) it's easy enough if you take the obvious precautions around existing wiring loom(s) etc. and treat the cut edges appropriately to stop corrosion in the future.

    Personally I would install the heater in the OEM position under the floor below the right front seat (UK driver's) and bring the outlet out in the base of that seat. I know it eats some useful space but is easier to install and gives a better hot air flow.
  9. Epic-Rob

    Epic-Rob Member

    Well i have just fitted one and i fitted under van (no mater how quiet they say it is it will still be noisy!) take the trim off under the van behind passenger seat there is plenty of space there, i just made a bracket to fasten it up and its all nice and neat.
    didnt want to put on drivers side as i plan to put the skirt water tanks in there.
    i was looking and thought if i did this again would i put in same place? possibly not, centrally underneath the van directly behind the engine there are 2 round chassis type thingymy jigs tubes - i recon it would fit very nicely there fastened to a bit of a support bracket between these 2 tubes. you might make a small wind deflector in front of it.
    you could route the air pipe to either the passenger or drivers seat.
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  10. oldiebut goodie

    oldiebut goodie Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Don't forget that no diesel heater is designed to be be waterproof - you must shield it. I have seen too many units ruined by not having basic protection. OEM placement gives reasonable protection provided underbody shielding is present but once you move out from under that you are in the realms of needing a box. Once you use a box with a 2Kw heater you are up to the size of a 3.5/3.9/4/5/5.5Kw heater which will fit OEM placement naked. So if you fit a larger heater other than OEM placement you have little choice under there.
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  11. rod_vw

    rod_vw Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I totally agree with @oldiebut goodie about shielding. I would not advocate fitting other than either in the OEM position inboard of the drivers door step below the floor or like I have been able to do on a custom bracket in a similar location below the floor on the left side. As I said above this is only possible on a non Adblue vehicle and one without a coolant heater as both of these fitments impinge on the available space.
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  12. Goldy

    Goldy New Member VIP Member

    Thanks everyone
    Its been very helpful, think I'm going with Rods suggestion of fitting a water tank in the space behind the drivers seat and the heater in the OEM position so allowing me fit everything else and keep the spare wheel.
    Lots of fun and games ahead.

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