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Discussion in 'Review A Business' started by VanDamMan, 3 Dec 2019 at 19:09.

  1. VanDamMan

    VanDamMan New Member VIP Member

    Very pleased today ...had fitted Koni dampers fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads ......Quick..Friendly..and listen’d to my T32 204 auto had a habit that it wanted to lift the front end and spin the wheels when pulling away (Steve. Recommended adjusting the lift on the dampers ...early days yet but big improvement and the new pads help with brake fade)

    Great service
  2. CRS Performance

    CRS Performance Member Trade Member T6 Pro

    Good to meet you Sir , hope you getting used to that new suspension . Had a great time in Wales yesterday playing with a swamper conversion . wow what a difference to those raised vehicles as well , Eliminated topping out over high bumps, speed humps, and hump back bridges etc
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  3. VanDamMan

    VanDamMan New Member VIP Member

    Van feels a lot more sure footed and the EBC pads are so more responsive best £20 I spent (that’s what the wife thinks)


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