Corroded wiring


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Hi all,

I've had my 2017 T6 panel Van for four years now and had more than my fair share of problems ! The latest was that the NS DRL light stopped working and flagged up a "lighting failure" This was diagnosed as corroded wiring and after arguing was fixed at VW UK's cost. A month on and I now have the bonnet sensor saying it's open when it isn't and causing an alarm trigger.

Has anyone else had wiring issues and in particular the bonnet sensor ... or is it just another common problem ?

Any suggestions on a fix greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Tim


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I wouldn't say the bonnet switch is a common problem, but rodent damage comes up occasionally, but when you say corrosion, do you live on the coast?
Have you tried spray cleaning the bonnet catch/switch?


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I'm in Nottingham and haven't spent much time at the coast. I won't have chance to check anything until Sunday but will report back.

Dealer had to rewire a plug, unfortunately I don't know which one, to resolve the NS DRL problem.

Cheers, Tim