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Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Vwgirl87, 19 Aug 2019.

  1. Vwgirl87

    Vwgirl87 New Member

    Hi All

    Looking for a bit of help

    So we've had our van for almost a year now and the insurance policy is coming up for renewal. We have a T6, 18 plate, Edition - just a day van, not a conversion

    We use the van mainly for day, weekend or longer trips camping (in a tent) and so use the van to carry the tent, bikes, paddleboards, etc. The contents of which (on a long trip for a week or two) can include 2 x road bikes, 2 x mountain bikes, 2 x paddleboards, a tent and all the bites and pieces which go with that lot - potentially £5k upwards, probably even as much as £7k-£8k I'd guess. So needless to say we want to make sure we're covered in the event of the worst

    Right now we're finding that most car/van insurers won't offer any decent amount of cover for contents and simply state that is normally covered by home insurance but then equally our home insurance caps out at £2k on contents such as these. Has anyone had similar and if so what have they done so get around it?

  2. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Local lowlife VIP Member T6 Legend

    I can’t help answer your question myself, but @PukkaT6 may be able to..
  3. PukkaT6

    PukkaT6 Senior Member T6 Legend

    Not connected to my company but when I had a £5k Orange MTB and Tom Tom stolen out my car I couldn't even claim for the Tom Tom as they said it was portable and so not covered by my car insurance policy. Claimed for as much as I could on my home policy.

    I would recommend you list the items on your home insurance, take photos and that should cover you. Very few car policies cover contents for any decent amount.

  4. j4ckal

    j4ckal Member VIP Member T6 Pro


    Vehicle insurance won't cover that, some campervan/motorcaravan policies cover contents but it's more related to the specifics of a campervan ie. awning etc.

    You need to change your house insurance then if they'll only cover up to 2k, there's plenty about.
    Ive been using Pedalcover: Best Combined Home and Bike Insurance
    Set the limit of cover at what you want (bikes included) and ensure they are covered away from home too.
    Be wary of some insurers in regards to how your bike is stored whilst away and make sure you read all the t&C's especially in relation to bikes.
    Aviva said my bike wasn't covered if kept in the back of a van, it needed to be locked to an immovable object.
  5. Finn the T6

    Finn the T6 Member

    I’m in the process of renewing as well.
    Both of my shortlist quotes include £3.5K contents cover which can be raised.
    When on the phone the agent confirmed this included cover for items such as iPads and cameras.
    The quotes were from Adrian Flux (AXA insurance) and the other from AIB
  6. franco67

    franco67 Member

    hi guys is this a record? I am getting quotes for my full coomprensive t6 campervan/van with window, told them it has 2 back sits converting to a bed, gas cocker, fridge, storages, top pop bed, diesel heather, solar panel,main driver my wife 67 with clean uk licence and myself with similar uk licence . no claim in the last 10 years , van insured all together with the professional conversion £ 42,500, quoted £ 2485.60, insurer "Club Care "kind of endorsed by the Camping and Caravan Club , I am a member
  7. Martinf

    Martinf Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    The “immovable object” is almost standard for cycle insurance. It’s especially a problem when touring by bike.

    But it’s disappointing if Aviva has confirmed that, so far as it is concerned, inside a properly locked van is less secure than an outside bike locked by some means to a hoop in the ground.

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