Coil Over And Arb Fitting

Discussion in 'Suspension Steering Brakes' started by goldeneye243, 19 Nov 2019.

  1. goldeneye243

    goldeneye243 Member T6 Pro

    I'm getting my coil overs and ARBs fitted today - The mechanic has asked if I had any shorter ant roll bar links.

    I wasn't sure - Have I missed a part???

    I'm having Stance+ Ultra coil overs and H&R ARBs fitted...
  2. Skyliner33

    Skyliner33 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    If you are lowering the van I thought you would have need some longer drop links not shorter?
  3. Ads_Essex

    Ads_Essex Local lowlife VIP Member T6 Legend

    I bought Meile drop-links for the same setup - which I believe are the same length - and the fitter raised no issue.
  4. CRS Performance

    CRS Performance Member Trade Member T6 Pro

    In reality most people don't change the drop links , The reason the fitter asked is probably because many cheap coil overs in other vehicle types have top link mounting point lowered to allow the threaded body adjustment . . they normally supply shorter link arms in the kit in these instances >

    On a transporter however the lowering will mean that to get the A R B sitting parallel to the road as it should the link arms would need to be longer .
    The A R B is at its most effective when parallel to the ground the greater the angle to the road the less effective the bars are .

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