Coil Light Flashing


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Not used van for a couple of weeks so decided to run it yesterday. Driven about 40 miles half rural half city. Also filled up with premium diesel from a rural filling station. This morning set of again in van and coil light was flashing. Drove 30 mile to work mixture city and rural, light still flashing also stop start not working. Drove home tonight no flashing light but stop start still not working.
Never had this in over two years.
Any ideas. Could fuel have been old? Could 2 week not running have done it?
Never had a regeneration light come on and had van from new. Always similar sort of driving although we have not been for a big run for a while.

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I think the coil light flashing is a general indication of a number of potential issues. You need to plug Carista or similar in to read the error codes.



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As above , coil light flashing is a fault but could multiple things , when you have switched of the engine it has reset itself , when you say stop start is still not working , is it saying stop start error on the dash still ,may just be a coincidence that it's not working at the moment because of a normal reason like AC on or battery below voltage for start stop to activate , as above a wee carista is a great cheep peice of kit


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Our coil light came on and stop start didn't work. Also had to jump start. Took back under warranty and was a faulty battery, battery replaced all good now.