Caravelle Executive Door Cards.

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by Ian.D, 6 Aug 2018.

  1. Ian.D

    Ian.D New Member

    Hi, well, I have moved along with upgrading my Highline, I fitted a set of Caravelle executive door cards with the leather trim. They came without the handle section at the top which obviously is different to the standard panels. The long section under them is the silver chequered style, but the parts that go over the screws holding the top in are proving hard to find. Unfortunately for me I covered the door outer section in Dynamat, then the inner section and as I had some left over I did the rear of the door cards....oh dear, I decided to remove the felt section and make sure as much as possible was covered....stupidly going over the vw product numbers...Contacting 3 VW garages they kept coming back with the reply " we won't get the handle sections for you without the numbers " Am I daft ? I feel VW would only have a choice of colour on these and actually getting black versions from that model wouldn't mean there are multiple actual fixing versions.....I am not impressed with VW......Hence why I moved over to Volvo for our car after having a freakishly poor Passat.
    I looked on the Etka details, but finding the code was difficult as the section pictures don't show the shaped sections required and I don't know the model number of the caravelle with leather door cards.
    Can anyone help with finding the code or codes I need ?
    Aside from that I have done the rear of the van with AS Milano suede trim with 4 way stretch, installed the Evoque seats, fitted the glove box, Red instrument binnacle and will be getting other bits done after our holiday.
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  2. Deaky

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    This piece that is circled below?


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  3. Ian.D

    Ian.D New Member

    Hi Deaky, yes, that is the item, I love the seats by the way and the steering wheel with the red stitching is on my hit list, I have been a Liverpool fan since I was six and got taken to my first ever game by my uncle at Anfield, so red is my colour...:) I am sat , fingers crossed that there is an answer to my prayers

  4. Deaky

    Deaky On yer bike VCDS User Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    7E5.867.171.C - this is the passenger side handle cover. @Pauly will be able to supply them to you.
  5. Ian.D

    Ian.D New Member

    Thank you, I am very grateful, I have read a lot of your posts on here and they are full of great ideas and useful info.
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