Buying a tiguan ?


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I am about to buy a tiguan what are ccommon problems?Aits only a older one 2010 do these have the pd engine ?.

Thanks in advance


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2010 is a common rail engined vehicle, so post Pd.

An older Tiguan is quite reliable on the whole; as long as its been serviced / looked after.

Personally, look out for;
leaky sunroof (if fitted)
oil leaks
tyre wear (front lower arm, rear bushes worn)
broken rear springs
leaky tailgate (check the numberplate lights for rust stains)


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It shares it's platform and many components with the Mk5 and 6 Golf, so on the whole pretty solid and reliable.

We changed our Mk1 for a new one in 2021. I missed the old car and considered having another instead of the van for day to day stuff, but then the prices went silly and I wasn't going to pay more for an older car than the one I'd just sold.