BUSFEST 07-09 September 2018 Malvern, Worcestershire

Discussion in 'Upcoming VW Events' started by Fish, 4 Jan 2018.

  1. Sammy

    Sammy Member T6 Pro

    @Lord Mfwic was next to me, Mark and Sam were next to his Lordship
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  2. Gavandi

    Gavandi Senior Member T6 Guru

    Simon & Tracy
    White VW
    Wind breaks were great - Jormax I believe
    The VW logos were stickers/Transfers - great result me thinks
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  3. Sammy

    Sammy Member T6 Pro

    Ian (that's me)and Lin(the wife)
    White VW
    The rest is correct
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  4. Gavandi

    Gavandi Senior Member T6 Guru

    ooops - got confused with your picture!!
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  5. Davenjo

    Davenjo Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Glad it’s not just me that is rubbish with names :)
  6. Martinf

    Martinf Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    We generally had to try to remember *three* names for each unit; her, him and forum name. So no chance for me (Martin) but my Lynda is better at it!
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