Brentacre; Anyone Made A Claim?

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Farnorthsurfer, 14 Jan 2020.

  1. Farnorthsurfer

    Farnorthsurfer Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    And if you did were you happy? Notwithstanding that making a claim is never a happy time.
    Doing my diligence before committing my money so am getting quotes for my conversion to camper.
    My standard van insurance won't touch it as soon as I start making changes:cautious:
    Brentacre looking the best, at least they seem to make the most sense.

    Called HIC for quote and he wouldn't give me one that was valid for even one day, said I had to go with it today or it might be a lot more next week. Hmmmm, don't think that works for me.:confused:
    So called Just Kampers and the same guy answered the phone! Needless to say it wasn't a long call.
  2. DXX

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    I’m insured with Brentacre for the second year, I tried a few different companies and Brentacre were the only ones to get me to list the specification and mod’s before insuring.
    I’ve never claimed but it did give me piece of mind that Brentacre and myself both have a record of exactly what is insured. It saves any discussion later along the lines of ‘oh we didn’t know that was modified’!
    Some of the other companies were very brief, almost straight onto the ‘how do you want to pay’ before we’d got through the minefield of which model T6 is actually is.
    Brentacre are just the broker and they do charge a fee for arranging the insurance, all of which is made clear. Marker Study are my insurer.
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  3. Keeff

    Keeff Senior Member T6 Guru

    I was going to use them but you have to use a repair shop they recommend so if under warranty and want to use a vW recommended one you will have to pay the extra . I didn’t fine this out until paying so had to haggle to get all my money back . Ask them on the phone before agreeing to pay .
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