Blimey its complicated


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So, having had a company car just about all my life, I retire in two weeks and the car disappears.
A van will be my other transport now (when I buy it), and it seems vehicle insurance has become a lot more confusing than it ever was for the two years or so in my yoof before they gave me a company car!
Had a very good driving record for the last 20+ years too until I messed up last November and had by first ding in flipping ages :( I assume although the ding will be the focus of their attention. I don't know if a good accident in a company car would even earn anything in terms of NCB. Anyone know??

I also have a CN multibike policy.. full NCB until now.. they used to do a 6 wheel policy, although with the bikes it would need to be a 10 wheel one now :cool:

I've seen on here some people saying a van is cheaper to insure than a campervan, and some saying the opposite

If anyone has been in any of the situations or similar would be great to hear..



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I had a company car for years and I found that Elephant honoured the ‘NCB’ from the company. I just needed a letter from them confirming the situation.

When I moved from elephant after a number of years, they gave me a NCB certificate.