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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Oldrat, 27 Jul 2018.

  1. Oldrat

    Oldrat Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    As much as I love my T6 campervan, I can’t help looking at Crafter/Sprinter vans with hi tops thinking ... I’d like to have a go at converting one myself.

    I love my T6 because it’s compact and gets everywhere and it’s a cool van.

    A proud Merc Sprinter owner I recently met showed me around his conversion and wow, it was fab.
    His was a longer wheelbase and had a high top (not the huge top).

    It got me thinking. The Crafter/Sprinter is similar width to the T6 which is actually far more important for driving around and access. The height is only ever an issue at car parks, not on the road.

    Why should or shouldn’t I be looking at a Crafter/Sprinter conversion, after all, you see them everywhere especially in town.

    Thoughts on an electronic postcard please
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  2. Davenjo

    Davenjo Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I keep looking at bigger vans and/or motorhomes longingly for the convenience of, for example, having beds made up permanently and a decent bathroom - for now we will stick with the T6 but never say never!

    There are a few Crafter conversion out there to give you ideas what to do with the space, e.g. Hillside have a couple and just seen this one from Westfalia which I quite like the look of:-
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  3. $immo

    $immo Built not Bought VIP Member T6 Guru

    Funny, I had the same thought a few weeks ago whilst in France. Was camped next to a fiat van based camper but all metal not a coach built plastic box.

    I thought, I could do that with a crafter!

    I suppose it would be thirsty? Very long compared to my SWB and cost more to convert, wow is that even possible to get more expensive than a T6!!!

    I've seen them done for Motocross bikers to put their bikes in the back, but not for a full on camper.

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  4. Oldrat

    Oldrat Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Cool :thumbsup:

    Lot of work gone into that pop out, just for 6” :whistle:
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  5. Bryn23

    Bryn23 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I don't think you could go wrong with a MWB Crafter, its about 475mm internally longer than a LWB, and its a tad under 6 mtr, there is also the extra 136mm of width.

    It would be a perfect base for a camper build, the extra height isn't really issue an issue.

    The new crafter is being released next week over here, so i'm keen to go and have a look,

    it is tempting, and not a huge issue to drive these in the city

    The only thing is that its got leaf springs in the rear, although in a camper it wouldn't be that bad, with weight in the rear.

    The 4 motion Crafter or the Sprinter will be my next choice for a build, although if Fiat does bring out the Ducato 4x4 van, it'll be worth looking at as well
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  6. Dieseldonkey

    Dieseldonkey 150 DSG Shuttle Conversion VIP Member T6 Guru

    With that size of van you get to have the creature comforts of a caravan. Bathroom, toilet, shower. But most importantly, if you had a high roof with a raised bed at the rear layout, you'd have a garage space underneath for the Guzzi:thumbsup:
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  7. DaveyB

    DaveyB Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    How can you put a cost on getting a 6” extension, it’d be worth every penny.:D
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  8. DaveyB

    DaveyB Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Got to say, having spent a couple of wet windy days on a sailing club car park, where you can’t get an awning out and everything you have brought with you is packed in around you; something that size would be a lot better than the T6. But then is it a van you can use every day.
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