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  1. Haro

    Haro New Member

    I've recently bought a van and the previous owner had changed the original VW Discovery head unit to an Alpine Halo iLX-F903D. Which to be honest I'm not that impressed with for several reason. He also upgraded the front speakers and fitted a sub under the seat, but to be honest I don't think the sound quality is particularly great, although I can't compare it to the original.

    Can anyone help me with the following.
    a) It turns on as soon as the van is unlocked, without even putting the key in the ignition, which is annoying if I'm just loading the van as my music is blasting out. Could this be incorrectly wired up?

    b) Can the screen angle be adjusted, as the sun seems to catch the screen most of the time, so makes reading Sat Nav from it unusable.

    c) Can any of the functions in the instrument cluster and controls on the steering wheel, such as Sat Nav directions, Radio Station etc, be made to work with the head unit?

    d) I think it could really benefit from rear speakers, so I plan to fit them at some point. Has anyone got a guide to routing cabling cables for fitting rear speakers?

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    A, You can switch that feature off in the settings,
    B, you can adjust the screen in height and angle
    C, the MFSW should be working, along with basic info on the MFD
    D, normally you route the rear speaker cables up the passenger A pillar and along the ceiling, attaching it to the main loom which runs the full length of the vehicle and drop it down the rear pillars and to the position of the speakers

    The Halo is a bit Marmite, some love them, others think they are ripe for thieves, it’s not our biggest seller to be honest but with the correct audio setup will sound very good, the problem is that they see the cost, which looks attractive but do not purchase the correct parts to install them, which bumps the cost up considerably,

    What speakers, amp and sub is in there? pictures of it all will help.

    If you want drop us a pm and we can go through it all in better detail

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  4. Absolut5

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  5. Haro

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    Hi Jason
    Thanks for replying,
    I don’t seem to have an option for Pre ignition.
    It also cuts the power to the unit momentarily when auto stop start kicks in.



  6. Fish

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  7. Absolut5

    Absolut5 Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    It sounds to me that you do not have the correct Alpine to T6 interface installed

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