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  1. vinayk

    vinayk New Member


    I’m buying T6 eu6 204 Dsg next week, I have been doing an search on here and lot of people having issues with the Adblue issue on the dashboard errors and engine light coming on etc.

    Has this been solved?

    Has the Adblue software update sorted it?

    Do you recommend not to get the T6 due this problems as I have a day or so to get deposit back
  2. JasonW

    JasonW Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Personally I didn't let the adblue put me off buying a T6... If you read through the posts, a lot of the issues were self induced by people over-filling the adblue tank....

    Yes, it's probably not the best system out there....but as far as I am aware the update just meant it used a bit more adblue to reduce emissions...

    Personally I wouldn't let it put you off.... devise a strategy from people on here... such as let it get down to 500 miles left on adblue display then put 10 litres in and forget it for another 5ooo miles... it should be as easy as that....

    Personally don't let it put you off buying a T6 is my advice.
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  3. sparkzer

    sparkzer Member T6 Pro

    Same here...the system doesn't like being topped up like you may fuel...just wait for the dash to tell you it needs it in 5000ish miles...then stick another 10L in.

    having a euro6 was a positive point for me as i plan to keep it a long time and therefore try to future proof as much as is practically possible.
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  4. Lukavell

    Lukavell DITryer VIP Member T6 Guru

    Definitely not a reason to stop you getting a T6.
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  5. teamfly

    teamfly Senior Member T6 Guru

    Had lots of issues till software update, all OK since.
    Get one!
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  6. Fluff34567

    Fluff34567 Member T6 Pro

    It tells you how much to put in and then just put that amount in, not more. If it says 6L dont try to.put in 10L.

    Afterwards ignition on for30 secs and then start engine
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  7. superchargedpolo

    superchargedpolo Senior Member T6 Pro

    I’ve had 3 Transporters, one after the other. T5 1.9Tdi, T5GP 2.0Tdi and my current T6 euro6.
    I did 40-50k miles in the first 2 and never had a single fault code nor engine issue. My T6 however has had numerous failures all related to adblue and emissions. It’s the only van I’ve owned from new and regret ordering the euro 6 engine. The T6 euro5 would have been perfect.
    I convert vans for a living and all my T6 customers have had warranty issues with their T6s.
    In summary I love my T6 but hate the unreliability of the engine.
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  8. JasonW

    JasonW Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I've read through post after post intently regarding how to try and avoid the pitfalls and issues that other people have suffered....

    Two things i've taken onboard - Don't overfill your adblue and don't let your fuel tank drop below the magical quarter full mark.. Frequent running of the vehicle below this mark can and has led to various emissions issues...
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  9. Stay Frosty

    Stay Frosty Senior Member T6 Guru

    Make sure it's got LED headlights everything else you can cure for reasonable money but retro fitting some at £2.5k plus just to be able to see the road ahead knocks a bit of the shine off of owning a T6.:cautious:
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  10. vinayk

    vinayk New Member

    Thank you for all who have replied with their feedback, it’s all comes down to human error that people doing with adblue overfills etc and can someone post pic of the adblue on dashboard saying this Amount of miles left and how many litres left so I get idea how it looks
  11. sparkzer

    sparkzer Member T6 Pro

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  12. Grainfoot

    Grainfoot Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    25'000 miles just done another top-up had no problems with any.
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  13. Insert Coin

    Insert Coin Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    18,000 trouble free miles on my 204 diesel.

    I run a fleet of about 20 T6's, there's been a few minor issues, but they are much more reliable than the previous Transit Customs and my local VW dealer is infinitely better than the local Ford dealer.
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  14. vinayk

    vinayk New Member

    Thank you for the video buddy, it explains min needed and max to put in. I don’t understand where people are going wrong when Vans tell you how much to put it
  15. vinayk

    vinayk New Member

    Guys whats tank size? 15L
  16. Stevefrs

    Stevefrs Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Guru

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  17. vinayk

    vinayk New Member

    cheers steve
  18. JasonW

    JasonW Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Not everyone reads the instructions....
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