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Discussion in 'Vehicle Faults Warranty Repairs Issues & Problems' started by 480bhp, 19 Mar 2018.

  1. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    EF54E519-F48C-47CB-A075-2C544A7DD579.jpeg Not sure if anyone has had this error yet, but this has just popped up when literally seconds ago it was showing 4K, note the min and max levels! It had 12.14 litres added at 26477

    Currently sat in the dealers waiting for a diagnosis/fix!

    I’ll update once I have an answer!
  2. Loz

    Loz California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17 VCDS User Admin Moderator VIP Member

    That is odd, might be a faulty sensor. Are you going to try and put some in? remember to leave the ignition on for 30 seconds before starting when you do.
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  3. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    No I’m leaving to the dealers, from my limited research, this fault has been recorded on some Audi’s, the repair ranged from new pump or injector through to a software glitch or sensor.

    First thing the dealers said is “we’ll put some more in” while that will fill the tank up, it won’t take away the fact the warning come up seconds after showing 4000 miles range.

    I’ve kept a log of the Adblue fills and mileage, which has been so far:
    4295 miles 9.61litres
    9393 miles 11.93 litres
    16114 miles 12.93 litres
    21490 miles 9.15 litres
    26477 miles 12.14 litres

    So this clearly a warning out of the Adblue :(
  4. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    Just quoted this message from December, I’ve just spoken to the tech and this code is still there but it won’t trigger the warning light like before, apparently he’s been told he can’t do any work on the van to clear this code for good, due to the amount of work involved! If it was caddy they would do it as it’s not as big of a job!
    Think I’ll need to dig a bit deeper into this!

    Btw this isn’t directly related to the fault in the original post. They’re doing an efficiency test for that, in the hope it clears the issue!

    Can’t see me buying another VW at this rate, despite being the best van I’ve had since 1998, it has also been the most unreliable
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  5. M-dog

    M-dog Member VIP Member

    I had this warning come up all the time on my first kombi, spent 9 weeks at the dealers in the first 9 months of ownership, lost my temper in the end and demanded a replacement vehicle.
    The second kombi has apart from an engine light for a couple of miles been fine, doubt there give you a replacement with near 30k on the clock but hopefully they have worked out how to fix there products by now!
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  6. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    I wish that was the case M-dog, instead they’ve more or less “turned the light off” as it says on the warranty sheet!
    Glad I got a 5 year 150k warranty on this van, you can rest assured it will be going before I reach either of those landmarks!
  7. peterposh

    peterposh Member

    Probably excludes adblue as a "consumable "
  8. J8usx

    J8usx Member T6 Pro

    Had the same thing happen to me last year, VW didn’t have a clue in my opinion. Said no fault code popped up. Engine management light came on also.

    Wasn’t impressed
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  9. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    From what i can tell and the conversation i had with the tech (Relating to the existing code P046C, and not this adblue issue) my van needs a new EGR valve, but it's a big job and the service manager wouldn't allow him to carry out the repair! So once Easters over i'm off to another dealer for a 2nd opinion, what good is a warranty if they won't carry out the repairs :mad:

    If there's anyone local to Sheffield with VCDS who wouldn't mind plugging in and checking if this code is still there it would be appreciated, obviously beer tokens would be forth coming :thumbsup:
  10. Loz

    Loz California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17 VCDS User Admin Moderator VIP Member

    My Touareg went in for an unrelated test and during the full scan with theirVAS kit they discovered an EGR fault that was not shown on vcds, in order to get approval for the warranty work as it is a £1200 job the full output had to be sent to VW for their okay. It was approved and done but 8 hours plus parts..
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  11. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    The tech said it was full day job on the T6, the VW approval etc could explain why they're reluctant to do it, but now i know about it they'll do it sooner or later as they'll get fed up of me in the workshop :D
    Tech said he'd do it, but they wouldn't allow him, he asked why considering it's got a 5 year 150k warranty, but i'm not sure what the answer was other than no!
  12. DaveyB

    DaveyB Funds just don’t support the desires!!! Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    Report them to VWCV HQ, demand it gets sorted out as it is a widely known issue on E6 engines. Like you say, you haven’t bought an extended warranty just to put more money in their pockets.
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  13. HootingOwl

    HootingOwl Senior Member T6 Guru

    And vwcv hq will applaud the dealer for doing their utmost to reduce warranty spend.

    Record profits for VW despite dieselgate. Now how do you think they have achieved that?

    Hardly your fault that they designed it so poorly that it takes a day to replace. And given what you paid for it, the quality of the engineering should be considerably better than it is.

    I suspect that the engines are now having to operate in clean mode all the time which is stressing the emissions equipment beyond the design limits. Lots of EGR failures reported on vag vehicles after the software was patched.

    I swerved the T6 this time round. When VW finally wake up and show some contrition - plus some product quality - I might come back.
  14. Chiphil200

    Chiphil200 New Member VIP Member

    Just had the same come up on my only for 650 miles remaining . What was the out come with this.
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  15. 480bhp

    480bhp 204 DSG SWB T6 T6 Pro

    They just turned the light off and it's not reappeared, its not far from the 80's and 90's fix of a dodgy back street (Take the bulb out) :whistle:

    I did speak to another senior tech over the PO46C Code i mentioned above, and apparently its the egr sensor throwing signals outside the parameters, and it logs these, VW are adamant its a software glitch and nothing more, as yet there's no fix for it :unsure:
  16. josh

    josh New Member

    I think ive had the same issue tonight. I had driven around 120 miles, after the first 60 miles the emissions control lamp came on as a permanent light, turned the ignition off for 30 seconds but didnt go away, carried on driving for 40 miles then the ad blue alert came up the same as yours but saying i had 650 miles left and min 1 gallon - max 1 gallon? But earlier in the day the adblue said i had 4500 miles left?

    i have the van booked in next week to get something else looked at so hopefully they can check this out too, hopefully i dont have another dud van after having a 61 plate 180 sportline that had all the known problems.
  17. Chiphil200

    Chiphil200 New Member VIP Member

    Oh he we go I just got shot of my 1.6 tdci focus due a lot of issue with that even after all my precautionary work on it. VW just called and the guy was very nice and said in fairness in his experience they have not had too many issues with adblue failures . Getting her booked in next week I hope. they have a courtesy car otherwise I am burnt toast without a vehicle .

    I will update on the situ........
  18. josh

    josh New Member

    I have just popped down to my local dealer, one of the technicians said he would check it out for me, he plugged it in and said there was two adblue faults. Here’s the screenshot of the fault codes.


  19. Chiphil200

    Chiphil200 New Member VIP Member

    So what does this mean! I wonder? Do you still have the adblue error and mileage warning?
  20. josh

    josh New Member

    He just said he will wipe it then go and top up the adblue see if it comes back before it’s booked in on the 14th jan. so we will see! Thinking about it now I should of topped it up first to see if it got rid of the emissions control

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