A Plan Or Adrian Flux


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Just had my renewal through from Adrian Flux and then got a quote from A Plan. The prices are very similar but Flux is with the emblem whilst A Plan is with KGM.

Hope I never have to claim but was just wondering what people's thoughts are and which is the better to deal with when you have to claim.

Salty Spuds

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Try Just Kampers. My renewal from Flux was £800, JK came back with £460. Same policy with AXA. Also turns out the Flux & Kampers are the same company. Tw4ts!!


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Direct Line fully comprehensive £274 / year based on 10K miles a year and £26K valuation. Being an old git occasionally has advantages.


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I have two kit cars with Aplan had my last camper with them and will have my new one with them when I am sorted ,only ever used flux the once horrendous service google the reviews never seen anyone say anything positive about them