5 digit number-plate sizing


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Maybe I’m loosing the plot?
I see posts on this Forum with reg’ plates obliterated just in case aliens or other beings get hold of the information and clone a vehicle.
Then there’s this post with everybody showing their plates.


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Evening All,

I’m contemplating purchasing a ‘T6’ 5 digit plate registration for my van.

Those that have these already, did you go for custom sized plates and if so what size please?

I’m looking to shorten them but not decrease the height of the plate.

Anyone got any pics fitted front and rear?

Mine will be going on my tailgate so interested to know size due to bolt positions.

Spacing is standard.



I saw this thread and was drawn to look..... now I've just parted with £54 for new plates for the personalised plate I just bought. I went with the full-size front plate and a shortened plate for the rear for the 5 digit number. The size was in part guided by the current drilling for the plates that are fitted now. Probably cost me more than going to the local shop, but I now have them and I didn't need to wait to show the new V750 (if they would have required proof). :)