1. L

    Witter Towbar and reversing sensors

    So i want to buy a Witter towbar, none removable but wasn’t sure what will happen with the reversing sensors ? Is it low enough to not be seen or will it beep constantly or can you somehow teach the sensors with Vagcom or something to ignore it ...
  2. slocumjoseph

    FREE Witter two bike tow ball carrier.

    I have a Witter two bike towball carrier I need to be rid of. I live in London and would happily give it to a forum member willing to pick it up for a drink.
  3. Paynewright

    For Sale Witter zx408 towbar 4xbike carrier

    As per title witter tow bar mounted, bolt on 4 bike carrier. Max weight 60kg. Labeled as a ZX408 which I think equates to the ZX204 in the current range. It does drop down but not enough to open the barn doors. I have a recollection one of wheel straps was broken and replaced with a pedal toe...
  4. T6DSGChris

    Sold Witter gen towbar

    Bought by a colleague of mine whom actually ordered a new towball and the lot turned up, so this is all as new, just needs the ball end. Gave to me as pressy but our tiguan has a jazxy one on so i dont need tbh, said id sell and split dosh with him. Seem to be about £150 cheapest online...
  5. Dieseldonkey

    Witter Zx504 4 Cycle Bike Rack

    Liking the look of this rack and its features. Anyone using one successfully on a T6? Which Bike Carrier? | Witter Towbars However, looks like this will have the same issue as the Atera racks in that it's difficult to fit 4 road bikes side by side without handlebar clash. Anyone got a...
  6. Vanda

    Tow Trust Tow-bars

    Hi I have a T6 and have just had a detachable Towbar fitted by a mobile fitter, JW Towbars in West Midlands area. Great price and great job done !! I also just wanted to share my review of the brand Tow Trust. Anyone looking for a great detachable tow bar I would strongly recommend this...