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  1. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  2. Loz

    T6 Rear Lights circuit diagrams 2020-02-28

    Circuit diagrams for tRear Lights
  3. Loz

    T6 Earth points 2019-05-25

    Earth points
  4. Loz

    T6 H7 Headlight circuit diagrams 2019-01-18

    H7 Headlight Circuit Diagrams
  5. Loz

    T6 Convenience Systems 2017-09-21

    Circuit Diagrams for the convenience systems
  6. Glenn Board

    Is My Media System Reverse Camera Compatible?

    Hi, I am fitting a reversing (OEM) camera, and I am told to plug one cable into number 6 and the other into 12, but which ones are they on the blocks? Does anybody have a map or diagram of the block and what res where please?