1. Texxaco

    Lack of front wipers

    Imagine, throw warm water on your frozen windscreen, get in the van, flick the wipers on and nowt! Try again… nothing. Trip to @Dav-Tec early morning, thankfully no wipers required on my journey. Phew!! Chris scans the van with VCDS, looks like a replacement stalk, ordered, fitted, still no...
  2. M

    No way to access MFD modes?

    Hey all, I just bought a used T6, but I only just noticed there are no switches on the end of the wiper stalk to flip through the display options (range, avg consumption etc). The steering wheel doesn’t have buttons either. Could it be that either one or both of these were replaced? It seems...
  3. H

    Washer Wiper Woes [Resolved]

    Odd issue - front windscreen wipers don’t work from the stalk, but work fine on auto sensing. Windscreen wash doesn’t work for front and rear (replaced fuse and pump). Any ideas of anything else to check before booking it in? Many thanks
  4. Skyliner33

    Removing Wiper blade arm?

    Ok, I’m trying to remove the wiper arms on a T6.1. Now on the T6 I just removed the bolt and with a bit of force they pulled off. However I can’t seem to shift them on this van
  5. Sackmycook

    Intermittent wipers not working [RESOLVED]

    My intermittent wipers dont seem to be working? All other settings for the wipers work fine. My van is T6 Trendline 102 MY2019. Just had some minor electrical works carried out at the converters, spots and switches. Is it on a separate fuse that could have blown ? Or was I not driving fast...
  6. E

    T6 California Wipers and washer pump randomly come on

    Hello everyone, I was sitting on idle for about 15 minutes last week and suddenly the wipers did two sweeps of the screen. My Cali does have rain sensor but the stalk was set to the off poisition, I confirmed it by moving the stalk to the maximum setting and sure enough, the wipers went at...
  7. hatjoepeg

    Squeaky windscreen wipers

    So it rained today for the first time since we took delivery… the wipers are so squeaky against the glass, any ideas for a quick fix?
  8. M

    Operate T6 front wipers with ignition off

    Hi there, Another feature I need to implement is operating the front wipers (even if it is just a single "wipe") with the ignition off. I can't seem to find any schematics on the site which have any detail about the front wiper system. (I found the rear wiper diagrams and got that all...
  9. Ann3x

    Wiper mechanism replacement

    So, 1stly, yes I'm an idiot who needs to buy a torque wrench.... Secondly I've just sheared off my front wiper bolt. Is it new mechanism time or can I swap just the one pivot / wiper mount?
  10. Nuttymike

    Front wipers on my t6

    Hi..anyone know where the fuse is for the front wipers?? It seems to be top secret
  11. Cham13

    Front Wipers Failing

    My wipers have more or less given up and I think its most likely the motor? If I spray water onto the front screen they don't wipe automatically, however if I switch them onto full power, after several seconds they start moving, but stick at times and then its a matter of stopping them at the...
  12. Glennpea123

    T6 Rear Wiper Fuse

    Hi all Rear wiper not working on my T6 have checked fuse (right one I think, big red 10amp middle row at bottom end?), could it only be the wiper motor now that needs replacing? Cheers Glenn
  13. davepage1

    Disabling Rear Wiper

    Hi. Would disconnecting the wire to the rear wiper cause any issues? I haven’t got VCDS but want to disable it completely as I have blacked out my rear window for security. Has anyone else disabled the wiper and if so how? I’d like to leave the arm on so it’s not obviously missing. Thanks
  14. Littleblackflash

    Where Is Connection 2 (75a) In Main Harness?

    Now the racing season is finished I have time to do some jobs on my van. I've fitted a tailgate with a wiper and I'm now connecting the wiring for the wiper. I have the wiring diagram (thanks Pauly) which shows the connections, but one wire goes to "Connection 2 (75a) in main harness". Where is...
  15. J88arv

    Heated Window Screen Help

    Hi all, I’ve searched and downloaded the fuse layout but to be honest quite confused as to which fuse it could be for my heated screen. Can anybody help as it’s not working at the moment or does it just take sometime to warm up?? I ask as we used to have a ford and the screen was instant thanks
  16. R

    Auto Wiper And Auto Headlights

    Hi all, I fitted a new rear view mirror in my T6 67 Highline - one with built in dash cam/ reverse cam etc. That's fine and working great, but... I was under the impression that auto headlights had a sensor built into the oem mirror and that auto wipers sensor was on the mirror mounting...
  17. Littleblackflash

    Auto Wipers - Retrofit?

    I've had my T6 almost 2 months now and I've just noticed I don't have auto rain sensing wipers. My van (soon to be camper) is a 65plate Highline and came with Auto headlights, but from what I can work out, not the auto wiper. How difficult is it to add the rain sensor? My van has a sensor on...
  18. tolbot boulton

    Tailgate wiper motor cover

    I'm in the middle of converting the T6, but not sure what to do about the tailgate carpeting. I'm not putting a window in, so want to cover the whole door, however there is a big gap were the wiper motor should be, with no plastic cover. I've searched and can only find T5 covers, will this fit?
  19. Allan A

    Who knew..............!

    Well whilst filling up at local fuel station a T5 pulled up at next pump. Owner walks over to me says.hello and puts my fuel cap on the holder...................mind blown! My only excuse it’s the first VW I’ve owned!
  20. Paul Holmes

    Tailgate retrofit wiper motor kit

    Hi newbie here I'm collecting my new van on Tuesday he has a solid tailgate so I want to retrofit heated glass and wiper motor kit has anyone carried out this any help gratefully received