1. M

    20" sportline alloy wheels

    Hi guys. I'm looking for one of the wheels showing in the attached pic. I'm lead to believe they are a 20" sportline wheel, manufactured by company called REPtile. I can source sets of 4 but only need one and im struggling to source anywhere that will provide just one wheel. Its to use/mount a...
  2. B

    For Sale PDW 20" Wheels

    hi - these wheels came with recent purchase of van but bot really for me. Believe they are pretty rare? Looking for reasonable offer to fund new purchase. Could probably organise transport. They have been powder coated in Satin Black and are unmarked. Tyres included and legal Unsure of...
  3. t6blo

    Changing mind like the weather - OEM/Land Rover/BMW/Aftermarket. What wheels next?!

    When I got my van it came with 16” Claytons. These were quickly stored in the shed and I bought some 19” Amarok Canteras. Then I decided to go Swamper style so I sold the 19s and bought some 16” modular steels and BFGs. Now they’ve just sold, so I’ve refitted the Claytons temporarily while I...