1. Jon

    Hydro-Dipped Wheels!

    So in a moment of madness I have just booked my wheels in with a specialist to have them vapour blasted and refinished. The plan was to powder coat, however they were just finishing off some Aston wheels in a dark carbon hydro dip with 3 coats of lacquer they looked awesome. My wheels are 19"...
  2. Sanyes

    Wheel bolts loosened off!!

    Hi, My experience starts when I decided to buy a set of 4 new alloy wheels for my T29 van. Found some Amarok OE alloy wheels 16" and decided to buy them even though, I knew I had to buy some spacers too. Amarok wheels had 62 ET and wouldn't fit w/o spacers in the front. Talked to a shop that...
  3. I

    Removing a wheel

    Hello, should there be a security nut that came with my VW to remove the centre part of this alloy wheel?
  4. t6blo

    Changing mind like the weather - OEM/Land Rover/BMW/Aftermarket. What wheels next?!

    When I got my van it came with 16” Claytons. These were quickly stored in the shed and I bought some 19” Amarok Canteras. Then I decided to go Swamper style so I sold the 19s and bought some 16” modular steels and BFGs. Now they’ve just sold, so I’ve refitted the Claytons temporarily while I...
  5. OllieGBR

    Permission To Replace Wheels And Tyres

    It's not everyday my wife approves and actually raised the question of replacing the wheels. Therefore I'm striking whilst the iron is still hot, so so speak. I have a 2016 LWB Highline T32 with the standard alloy wheels. I think the wheels need to be rated at 860Kg. We've found a style we...
  6. S

    18's 19's or 20's...

    I have a T32 kombi on order and I'm keen to get my head around which size wheels and how much lower the van may need to go to. Would it be possible for you guys to post a picture or two showing your van and say what size wheels you have and if you lowered it and by how much please. I'm trying to...
  7. Bernie the Bolt

    Spare Wheel Required

    Hi All, Anybody on here got a spare steel wheel they want rid of? I've just had the cage fitted to my 2016 204 PS Vel and would rather not have to pay dealer price for a new one. I'm running 18" alloys, not sure if that makes a difference or not, Cheers in advance. Bernie
  8. Devizeswolves

    Wheel identification [Turismo]

    Hi, I would have searched for these on here but I don’t know what they’re called? Can anyone identify these and if their load rating would be T32 suitable?
  9. Pauly

    General Information - Wheels & Tyres

    Wheel & Tyre Info - T6 Range These posts are intended for basic information covering the T6 fleet that should hopefully answer lots of initial questions about sizing and fitment If you have any info or think anything should be added that could benefit then please post it below and i will edit...