1. H

    Powder coating on alloy wheel mating surfaces

    Hi all, I recently purchased some lovely 17” Black Aracaju alloys that have been re powder coated. I didnt think anything of it when I was looking at the wheels but I have been looking at getting them fitted and it seems that the mating surfaces being powder coated is an issue. The company that...
  2. B

    For Sale PDW 20" Wheels

    hi - these wheels came with recent purchase of van but bot really for me. Believe they are pretty rare? Looking for reasonable offer to fund new purchase. Could probably organise transport. They have been powder coated in Satin Black and are unmarked. Tyres included and legal Unsure of...
  3. J

    What colour wheel? Team White

    Hi all, I am looking at getting either 19s or 20s but not sure what colour will look the best on my white van, please help as I don't want to get it wrong. Thanks all.
  4. A

    What colour wheel? Team Starlight Blue

    Good afternoon, Im about to purchase a T6.1 LWB in Starlight Blue but only comes with the bog standard 16inch VW wheels. Im ideally looking for 19/20inch and have seen some nice bronze ones on facebook etc. What do you current have fitted to your starlight blue vans (bronze preffered) and if...
  5. Proberts

    What colour wheel? Team Bayleaf Green

    Afternoon all. I have very recently ordered a Bay leaf green T6.1 so got a long time to decide but my dilemma is what colour wheels shall i go for? I have looked through bay leaf green thread but nothing is quite jumping out at me yet. Only ever seen one on the road but went passed so quick, i...
  6. X

    What colour wheel? Team Silver

    Hi guy's. Really struggling to decide what colour wheels to put on my Reflex silver T6. I am thinking black but worried I will have too much black along with my black F35 awning, limo side glass and wind deflectors. Sort of tempted by black and bronze just go be different. What opinions or...
  7. t6blo

    Changing mind like the weather - OEM/Land Rover/BMW/Aftermarket. What wheels next?!

    When I got my van it came with 16” Claytons. These were quickly stored in the shed and I bought some 19” Amarok Canteras. Then I decided to go Swamper style so I sold the 19s and bought some 16” modular steels and BFGs. Now they’ve just sold, so I’ve refitted the Claytons temporarily while I...
  8. R

    What colour wheel? Team Ascot Grey?

    I'm looking for adding banded amarok's 18x8,5 front and rear. for the rear i'll add an extra 10mm spacer, don't really like the deeper look of the 9/9,5 inch banded wheel tyre size would be 235/50 18's , that way i would loose some arch gap, just minor. kw coilover kit is ordererd, max...
  9. Nickdaw

    What colour wheel? Team Blue

    I can't decide what colour to paint my winter wheels when I take them off, so I have done a quick mock-up of my van with different colours. some input might sway me one way or the other, or just stay silver.IMG_0481red by Nickdaw posted 12 Mar 2018 at 19:15IMG_0481lightblue by Nickdaw posted 12...
  10. Ro63rt

    What colour wheel? Team Bamboo Green

    Just after a few opinions please. I’ve a T6 Kombi in Bamboo Green on order. Just wanted a few peoples opinions on which ones to go for, initially I choose the Gloss Black ones as that what seems popular on the Bamboo Green & do look good. However I’m not so keen on them now I’ve seen it on a...