wheel studs

  1. Fitzy76

    Wheel bolts Vs nuts

    Anyone switched their wheel bolts for studs with nuts? I really fancy some wheel nut spikes but only seem to be able to get them in a nut, would there be any issues using studs/nuts?
  2. Yzfr1

    Wheel bolt length....too long?

    Hi, I have 20" Hawke alloys on my T6. I'd like to put spacers on the rear to bring the rear track out to match the front. I've worked that out to be 15mm spacers. (30mm total) I have 75mm long taper bolts on the wheels at the moment. That is 50mm of thread. If the rule of thumb is 1.5 X thread...
  3. mopardave

    OEM wheel Bolt size?

    Gents........my son just bought me a milwaukee 3/8ths impact wrench so I'm looking for some sockets. What size are the wheel bolts ......I'll probably have to buy a 3/8th's to 1/2" adapter as I don't think 3/8th's go beyond about 22mm? Cheers guys!:thumbsup:
  4. D

    Wheel Bolt Length

    What do you think about the bolt length winter 27mm(steel) vs summer 25mm (alu). Seems ok to me but im not entirely sure about the recomended "push through" length. Winter Summer
  5. R

    For Sale Wheel Bolts price drop £5.00 for a set.

    Hi there guy's got more wheel stud's bolts in. From delivery mileage vans. These are the standard one's .there £10 a set of 20 .and £9.99 posted signed for.
  6. R

    Wheel stud identification?

    Hi there gang can anybody help what are these from
  7. LakesT6

    Sold T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 genuine 19mm wheel nut covers / caps

    Set of 20 19mm genuine VW wheel nut caps, commonly used with Sportline wheels. They also look good on Devonports running with a centre cap rather than the oem cover. The last time I checked these were around £55 a set. Used but in great condition. Stock photo below but I can get some photos...
  8. kn0bby

    Wanted Standard VW wheel bolts

    Hello Looking for some standard wheel bolts. Really want them tomorrow (Saturday) if someone could post special delivery with Royal Mail I am happy to pay postage. Thanks.
  9. R

    Sold Wheel bolts £10/set

    Hi morning I have a good few sets of standard VW wheel nuts bolts for sale they came off new or vans with delivery mileage .they basically get put into a large bucket when the standard wheels get taken off and the 20 inch Alloy's get put on .if anyone needs a set just give me a shout. Looking...
  10. LpeppsT6

    Found Wheel bolts

    Looking for a set of standard bolt for a set of steel wheels hampshire area if possible could pick up thanks
  11. T6ARF

    Found Genuine VW Wheel bolts.

    Hi folks, I’m after a set of genuine VW wheel bolts please, to use with genuine steel wheels. With locking wheel nuts/bolts if possible? If anybody has a set spare, I’d be happy to buy them from you. Many thanks, Matt :thumbsup:
  12. Texxaco

    Wheel spacers and spigot question

    Afternoon All, Can anyone help me with my wheel spacers question. Wheels I have are Wolfrace GTP 20x9 offset 45. I currently have spacers but want to remove them which I can do no problem.The main issues I have is the gold central space in the Image. This is what centralises the wheel on the...
  13. G

    Wheel bolt torque conical vs ball seat

    Fitted aftermarket wheels to my T6 and confused what torque is needed for the wheel bolts. The oem wheels and ball seat bolts were tightened to 180nm which I understand is vw spec. However the aftermarket wheels are using 60 degree tapered / conical wheel bolts which the tyre fitter suggested...
  14. G

    For Sale Tapered Wheel bolts and 17mm VW Caps

    Bought new and never used from Tamar. 17mm heads-Thread is 35mm long and overall length is 53mm. Set of 20 full set of 20 17mm bolt caps- used- genuine Vw £45 delivered?
  15. BognorMotors

    20” Tyre Pressure

    Hello all On 275/35 and 265/40 applications we’ve always gone with and recommended 40psi all round. Recently we’ve been experimenting with different pressures. We’ve had two t32 Kombi s running Bilsteins and 265/40, one on 36psi and the other on 40psi. Both have covered 12000 in a year. The...
  16. Dannyb6467

    Wheel nut part-number needed please.

    Evening all. I need 4 standard wheel bolts. They are for Devonports on a 2020 Highline. Any idea of a part number or are there any for sale please. Cheers. Dan
  17. Minimucks

    Wanted Wanted - longer wheel bolts

    Before I buy some new I thought I'd ask here first. I'm looking for 15mm longer than standard wheel bolts (so 50-52mm I think) to suit Davenport wheels. Radius fitment not tapered and ideally with the floating collar as per original style. Ten required in total.
  18. Spaghetti

    Sold VW Locking Wheel Bolts

    Set of four VW Locking wheel nuts. Looking for £25 plus whatever it costs me to post them.
  19. JimVee

    Broken down boohoo

    Sitting outside the RSC waiting for the AA. Leaving work ran fine then 20 mile later a knocking sound from the engine. Pulled over and checked everything, no leaks nothing so carried on. Within seconds, same noise, pulled over again but couldn’t see anything. Driving through Stratford I decided...
  20. Rupie

    Banded Steel Locking Wheel Bolts

    Can anyone please recommend some or tell me what specs will fit? Most locking bolts I've seen say they work with OE alloys / aftermarket alloys and have a big red disclaimer saying they don't work with steels! I've got OE 16" steels. Cheers in advance!