1. Gerardmelias

    Hello all of you with a VW Multivan Outdoor 2.0TDI DSG 4Motion from Barcelona

    Hello, all of you, Is a pleasure to be part of this forum, I'm excited to be involved more and more thought the magnificent world of our marvelous VW T6. Let me introduce myself... My name is Gerard, I'm 28 years old natural from Barcelona, married, with a 1 year old son and, a 3.5 years old...
  2. S

    Newbie with T32 DSG Kombi

    Hello everyone. Happy to be part of the transporter community : Just got a second hand silver T32 with 30k miles on the clock. So far I have a troublesome start as, despite being and Approved VW vehicle, it had a faulty engine light on delivery… has to go back… When sorted I’d like to pimp it...
  3. Pauly

    Welcome new members

    A place for new members to stop by and say hello, tell us what your driving or planning to drive & anything else you want to share. If you want to post a question or discuss something specific please visit the appropriate sub forums. The forum rules can be found by clicking here whilst FAQ’s...