1. A

    Gross weight of a LWB camper conversion

    Hi all, I hope some one can help...... I'm looking at getting a LWB T6.1 T28 with a CamperKing conversion and poptop. I'm being told by a friend of a friend that it would nearly be overweight with just 4 adults and a tank of fuel! It will have a fiamma awning attached also. Does anyone know...
  2. M

    Camper Conversion weight - just under 3.2T!

    See all the folk saying ye don't need a T32 and that a T28 is perfectly fine, even with a conversion! We put ours onto a weighbridge yesterday on our way home from a week away. Gross weight came in at 3,180! We've got a LWB with a full conversion by Exploria (Reimo roof and VW Cali bed), and...
  3. Pau1GTI

    Weigh Bridge Tomorrow! Eeek

    Big day for Bryan our camper tomorrow. He's due to be weighed and I'm slightly nervious with him being a T28 and a fully loaded camper. I over looked this at the start as always thought it would be more than enough. No roof just yet so all should be fine for now but hoping with only two of us...