webasto control thermo heater

  1. Ian28

    Thermocall TC4 Issue

    Hi, every 6 months I need to replace the SIM in my ThermoCall because every 6 months I forget to top it up & it deactivates. Replaced it and put the new details in the App 3-4 hours ago but it’s not working. The green indicator light on the dash button gives 2 flashes every second or so - the...
  2. bullracing

    All Webasto Control And Power Options

    This is to coincide with turning the webasto into a hot water source which can be found here Webasto Thermo Top To Heat Exchanger I am wanting to find the numerous ways to control the heater. A little complex of a post but hopefully will give us a good understanding of the options avaiable. I...
  3. S

    Webasto Thermo Connect

    Anyone using this at all? My ThermoConnect It has GPS with SIM card and it appears you can also track the vehicle with a smart phone app. Twisting over the hob and sink has made by back ache setting the timers etc. with the Webasto SMART selector module. I set a timer at 20c for early Monday...
  4. R

    Webasto Heater fitted - surprise!

    HI, I had my 2017 T6 Caravelle exec up on the ramp this week and I noticed a webaso heater fitted next to the tank, I had no idea it had one and it certainly wasn’t specced as an option. On further investigation is seems they are standard on the exec model... but I can’t work out how to use...
  5. C

    Webasto... Help!

    Hi All, Brand new to the site and never posted before... I have just bought a 2017 Caravelle and wanted to put in auxiliary heating. After reading some other related posts I have discovered this sticker.... does this mean I have a Webasto fitted? If so then how do I control it??? There are no...
  6. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  7. Lukavell

    Webasto Thermo & Comfort Se

    Just found this sticker on the drivers door and despite finding a few threads can't figure out what it does. I assume it's the auxiliary heater but I'm wondering if it can be set up to be used with a remote control.
  8. clufus

    Which Control Unit For Aftermarket Webasto Parking Heater?

    Hi. Before posting, I had a really good butchers' in other threads but am none the wiser. Apologies if this has been discussed already: In 2 weeks I am having a parking heater fitted and have until the day of fitting to decide which controller and positioning within the van. The Webasto Thermo...
  9. J

    Webasto Auxiliary Heater - customizing

    On my 2017 T6, I have a Webasto auxiliary/water heater and Eberspacher air/parking heater fitted at factory. The remote and timer only controls the Eberspacher air/parking heater. The Webasto aux/water heater only kicks in whilst the engine is running and the outside temp is 5 degrees or below...