webasto control thermo heater

  1. J

    Wiring harness for addition heater.

    First post so go easy on me! Just bought myself a 67 reg Ex AA T6. Having a little rummage around before I start converting and I've found a wiring harness under the seat. Most of the wiring is for the tow bar and im happy I know what it all does, the second part is basically and ignition live...
  2. Ian28

    Thermocall TC4 Issue

    Hi, every 6 months I need to replace the SIM in my ThermoCall because every 6 months I forget to top it up & it deactivates. Replaced it and put the new details in the App 3-4 hours ago but it’s not working. The green indicator light on the dash button gives 2 flashes every second or so - the...
  3. bullracing

    All Webasto Control And Power Options

    This is to coincide with turning the webasto into a hot water source which can be found here Webasto Thermo Top To Heat Exchanger I am wanting to find the numerous ways to control the heater. A little complex of a post but hopefully will give us a good understanding of the options avaiable. I...
  4. S

    Webasto Thermo Connect

    Anyone using this at all? My ThermoConnect It has GPS with SIM card and it appears you can also track the vehicle with a smart phone app. Twisting over the hob and sink has made by back ache setting the timers etc. with the Webasto SMART selector module. I set a timer at 20c for early Monday...
  5. R

    Webasto Heater fitted - surprise!

    HI, I had my 2017 T6 Caravelle exec up on the ramp this week and I noticed a webaso heater fitted next to the tank, I had no idea it had one and it certainly wasn’t specced as an option. On further investigation is seems they are standard on the exec model... but I can’t work out how to use...
  6. C

    Webasto... Help!

    Hi All, Brand new to the site and never posted before... I have just bought a 2017 Caravelle and wanted to put in auxiliary heating. After reading some other related posts I have discovered this sticker.... does this mean I have a Webasto fitted? If so then how do I control it??? There are no...
  7. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  8. Lukavell

    Webasto Thermo & Comfort Se

    Just found this sticker on the drivers door and despite finding a few threads can't figure out what it does. I assume it's the auxiliary heater but I'm wondering if it can be set up to be used with a remote control.
  9. clufus

    Which Control Unit For Aftermarket Webasto Parking Heater?

    Hi. Before posting, I had a really good butchers' in other threads but am none the wiser. Apologies if this has been discussed already: In 2 weeks I am having a parking heater fitted and have until the day of fitting to decide which controller and positioning within the van. The Webasto Thermo...
  10. Crewey

    Webasto heater upgrade

    Just upgraded my auxiliary heater to parking heater. It’s no good for camping, it’d just flatten your battery. But early morning starts, which I do a lot, by the time you’ve finished your coffee the vans toasty, frost free and a warm engine.
  11. J

    Webasto Auxiliary Heater - customizing

    On my 2017 T6, I have a Webasto auxiliary/water heater and Eberspacher air/parking heater fitted at factory. The remote and timer only controls the Eberspacher air/parking heater. The Webasto aux/water heater only kicks in whilst the engine is running and the outside temp is 5 degrees or below...