water in tailgate

  1. M

    Water In Bottom Of Tailgate

    had some stupid heavy rain lately and noticed some water in the bottom of the tailgate, how do I drain it out? Many Thanks
  2. Eddie Sutherland

    So Not Just The Side Window Leaking Then

    Found this water ingress in the rear, have checked the roof bolts all very tight with washers intacked can only think it’s the tailgate.
  3. T

    Tailgate Leaking Water...

    Anyone else have this problem. Probably went on like the attached for 40 seconds then carried on dripping. Got the van booked in to get it checked out but not for a while, bit odd for it to do this plus any potential longer term damage. Van's a September 2017 plate so virtually brand new.
  4. eauto

    Water in Tailgate

    Today on closing the tailgate I heard water sloshing around, on investigation I found two rubber bungs on the lower edge of the tailgate, when I removed these about a litre of water drained out. Has anyone else had this problem, and should I leave the bungs out so the water can drain?