vw van centre swindon

  1. Y

    VW Cheltenham now gone - who to use?

    My van is now calling for a service. With VW Cheltenham now gone the question is who to use? My options seems to be: VW Van Centre Swindon Listers Droitwich Vertu Hereford Cordwallis Eynsham I'm looking for recommendations as which of these is better than the rest. I've clearly got to...
  2. Urbanfox

    Coding in a new battery

    Hi All, I have been perusing this thread, Flat battery and noticed that things had to be reset if you change your main starter battery. Does this apply to all T5/T6 models and if so can it be done with Carista rather than VCDS? A little more knowledge is always appreciated. Next is, what do the...
  3. RyanGerry

    Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or Vw Van Centre Swindon ???

    So the vans due it’s first service in 500 miles and I have two dealers within the same distance to me. Does anyone have any experience with either garage? Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or VW Van Centre Swindon