1. andy greenwood

    VCDS / Vagcom - Yorkshire

    Is there anyone near me with me VCDS please ? ( keighley, west yorkshire ). @Depron Donkey
  2. Dellmassive

    VCDS / VagCom - How I Done It -

    VCDS / VAGCOM - How I Done It - *********************************************** The current software version is : VCDS FULL Release V19.6 VCDS-Lite Release V1.2 VCDS-Beta V19.6.1 Click HERE for More Details Ross-Tech: VCDS: Downloads: Current Release and Manual...
  3. Dugdog74

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good Bcd’s/vagcom And Any Info For Newbie

    Hi. I’m looking to get a Ecu reader thingy once I’ve got my van but there seems so much to learn. Can anyone recommend something for a newbie to start and learn with as I would like to know more.
  4. T6180

    VCDS near Coventry

    Evening All, Is there anyone that can access the vcds to enable rear speakers, lock doors once driving and the clock display near Coventry? cheers
  5. Pauly

    T6 VCDS Module Coding List/Guide 2016-11-26

    VIP Membership is required to download this document VW T6 VCDS Coding Guide This document contains every coding entry currently available via VCDS This is intended as a handy reference guide for people wishing to perform changes using VCDS, removes the need to waste time searching through...
  6. Pauly

    VCDS Common Alterations Guide

    This post is intended as a quick reference for common alterations performed via VCDS allowing the end user to navigate straight to the desired function rather than scrolling through modules/screens to search for it, this is a working progress and will be edited/amended over the coming...
  7. Rob

    Auto locking

    has anyone managed to activate auto locking when driving yet please?
  8. R

    Rain Closing

    Got my cable through today and have made a few tweaks so far but I can't seem to get rain closing working.... Has anyone managed this yet?
  9. R

    Which vcds cable?

    Hi guys Got a hex can USB cable on order from gendan. Will that work OK on my t6? Cheers