1. M

    Worst Fear Witnessed On The Motorway Today...

    ... Always check your straps folks! :cry: I've added zip ties to mine to prevent the same. Roof flew open at 60mph. Ripped to pieces. I would of stopped to help but I was in a rush picking my daughter up from school.
  2. andy greenwood

    Winter Wild Camping - Anyone Doing It ?

    We are thinking of a night of wild camping next weekend, as we dont have a diesel night heater i imagine it may be very cold . Is anyone out there a seasoned hardcore winter wild camper and if so , whats it like ? Cheers
  3. Louise and Vinny

    Hi Everyone!

    So this is the year we are finally going to get our long awaited dream van. We're excited but could do with some advice to make sure we get it right. Any tips gratefully accepted!