1. VesselPal

    Non-switchable or switchable water pump

    I'm looking for a water pump & timing belt kit. I've been looking at Gates, HEPU, INA but am having trouble figuring out wether I need a switchable or non-switchable pump. All websites point to both options so my only option is to call the VW dealer and beg them for a part number. Besides...
  2. Van Buddy

    Timing Belt Marks

    Changing timing belt and looked at timing marks before taking the belt off. If you reference the fitting guidance it seems a tooth out, on the pump, but that’s only by the marks on the pulley., not where the pin fits in. I was going to put it back as it was.
  3. D

    Fan belt AND timing belt damage

    I've a 2019 204ps dsg 4motion kombi with 11000 miles. Bought it cash this summer with 9000 on. Dropped off the kids for school and headed on to the a41 dual carriageway. Everything felt and sounded normal then all of a sudden there was a jolt and the engine seemed to just cut out, power...
  4. W

    Van Tech Vw, Uckfield, East Sussex

    Home - Volkswagen Independent Commercial Specialists Address: Unit 3 Holbein Pl, Bolton Cl, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield TN22 1PH Email: info@vantechvw.co.uk Hours: Opens 8am ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: 01825 761942 This is a VW accredited independent, owned and run by a an ex VW Technician...