team oryx white

  1. NomadicCreatives

    Colour Questions! Is there any difference between Oryx White and Candy White?

    Hi group! As the question states, is Candy white similar to Onyx white? I have a candy white T6 but there is a Onyx white rear bumper for sale that would fit my van perfectly, just want to check that the colour will be the same or nearly exactly the same? If anyone can shed some light it would...
  2. T6180

    Sold VW Transporter T6 Highline 180 (212bhp) 2016 6 Speed Manual. £28,500

    FOR SALE - VW TRANSPORTER HIGHLINE GENUINE KOMBI 2016 T32 180 (212bhp) BLUE MOTION 6-Speed Manual EURO 5 Time has come to sell my pride and joy. I’ve looked after this van and no expense has been spared. It’s always been run on premium fuel, serviced on time and fully cleaned at least...
  3. Rompa

    Multivan Oryx White -17

    new member here...! :) This is my Van , we use it in the family for vacations and travels for bike races, short weekends with our caravan,... Some info: 2017 Multivan Oryx White DCC Dynaudio LED Lazer Beams in the front 4motion 204bhp BSR PPC3 tuning, 230hp 500nm now sunroof Passat Steering...
  4. Kevthegas

    Oryx White

    Another T6 on the drive, this is no 3 :D Lwb 204 dsg 4 Motion, bought from a bloke in Bognor :whistle: Oryx white for a change from the black. Love it
  5. Jonathan83

    New Van Day

    Xmas day comes Early! Pre/delivered Now all the Goodies to Fit B14’s tomorrow
  6. Dory

    Dory The Grand Tourer

    Hi I’m Craig and this is Dory The Grand Tourer
  7. Jay

    Team Oryx White

    Feeling left out, so thought I would start a team oryx.. Off to busfest tomorrow to get some idea's. On the list is new wheels, side bar, maybe splitter and definatly a spoiler. May see some of you there...