team chestnut brown

  1. P

    Our T6 Velle

    Van has just had a service and its second MOT, currently waiting for a valet.
  2. G

    newby after dew bits and advice please

    hy all on the forum , bit of a newbie on t6s, but trying to get a few things, to make my t6 2016 lwb look cool , lol, im looking for some roof bars,and side bars also looking for some ideas on decals,, its a 8 seater full glass on sides,, also couple spares ,like front step light cover ,is...
  3. A

    Show me your Chestnut Brown with Bronze Alloys

    Hello, Im looking to get some new wheels, my van is chestnut brown, for me personally I find black too black and silver .. well too silver. many one have any suggestions or pictures of your chestnut brown, perhaps with bronze alloys? thanks
  4. James1000

    Boris has a T6

    So it appears the PM should join this forum
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  6. GordyT6

    Team Chestnut Brown